April's fool!
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Chasing the Sunset
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kickme says:


Congratulations (:

Kae says:

...wow. Just wow. I...I can't stop laughing at the Awesome. I...I just can't! You guys are the greatest! Best start of the day ever!

Mimir says:

Sorry, I still don't trust you after the last April first. Lawsuit my ass!

Mimir says:

This is a rather elaborate prank though. Tell you what. If you give me the same news again in 24 hours, I'll beleive you.

Someguy says:

You win my best A1 award for the day!

Winterbay says:

Wonderful! I especially like the "great danger" and then Feiht with a big axe falling :)

Arisse says:

Wow, I love the work there.

Shrek says:

Just... WOA
(this one was surely worth waiting for)

Robbert says:

Wait What!?

Bo Ann Terreo says:

I think I just peed myself. That was great.

BIG says:

Would be nice if it was true. Hope it is!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy Productions Inc. says:

Mithandir published this video on the wrong day. I am from the production company and I can understand while the quality of the trailer is rather low, that is because we have just started to really work on this project. It will look much better in 6 months. I rather think we must have a lot of work to do it you all think this is one of the other April Fools jokes. :D We are making the website for this project Mithandir should have that link in a week or two.
Fantasy Productions

Ferial says:

Fantastic! How on EARTH did you manage to keep so HUGE a secret for so long???
Congrats..you are both wonderful!

Ferial says:

...lol...um...IS it real? Or April Fool joke..I hadn't even considered that....

Lady Phoenix says:

Very nice 4/1 joke. The classiest one i've seen today. Well worth it just to have seen the "teaser." Good job, guys. :)

Pulsar says:

I was really expecting a text saying "you didn't really believe there's a trailer on april first right? :D" just after the title screen, but it really plays :D Awesome ^^

Elystriana says:

Wow, that's so cool- even if it is an April Fools joke. Looove the danger- Feiht with the axe. =)

Chakel says:


rhrobinson1 says:

That would be a great double -reverse, get everybody to believe it's a joke, then"APRIL FOOLS! Its real!"

Sabreur says:

Okay, wow. I'm impressed. I know it's April 1, but this is still pretty impressive.

Vagabond says:

Wow. Leaf looks like a boy in this movie.

Alien says:

Aye, I told them how to make Leaf, but they still got him wrong. Blarg!

Morg says:

ha yah right...

Dark Dragon says:

blargh indeed...well done trailer, although being one to pull off overly complicated "stunts" myself, I am doubtful...I would believe except for two things. 1) the "this preview..audiences" was just that...There was no "rated by" on it, and 2) Google Fantasy Productions Inc. yourself and see what you come up with. (This seems waaaaay to good to be true...

Rilfkyaburu says:

I like this!! They should make a movie hehe it makes for a good story-line. Though since it is a comic it won't end. But in the movie he can at least find his father!

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm a little surprised Ayne isn't in the trailer...

And yeah, I have to agree with the majority here, I'll remain skeptical for the next thirty hours.

Seriously, someone put something weird on a door handle in my dorm this morning. Had to clean that off and it smelled really bad.

We are not amused...

weirdo says:

It's wierd to hear the voices they put on the characters. If this is real, I must consider as to my opinion on whether they're good or not. Also the animation style is...odd.

weirdo says:

I would rather see it animated the way Alien draws- the more cartoony style.

bluedragon_012 says:

well done, cant wait for it. ^^

margaretmay says:

Wow... that makes it look REALLY bad. Haha... You were right when you said it was a cross between a teaser and an electric eel! I'm excited to see the finished product!


Hahaha, it's great! I expecially liked the "mystery" part where we follow the fireflies, and sees the eggs...

Kitten says:

Forgot nick! Meow.

Skreyola says:

Awesome teaser. Simply beautiful.
This would make an interesting movie. :)
Hehe. :)

Duke says:

And Happy April fool's day to you too. Last year was more convincing.

hkmaly says:

Forget boy or girl. Leaf looks awful. Something with the hair, I think.

Good work otherwise, but still not the quality of professional films.

hkmaly says:

Also, if you plan to do more flash, could you look at workaround at http://blog.marcoos.com/2006/07/21/html-div-above-a-flash-animation-on-linux-its-possible/ for us linux users ?

Odo says:

Marvelous 4/1 joke -- not so good if it had been serious. I think CtS would be far better as a conventional cel-based animated feature. (Of course these days the cels are all virtual, but you know what I mean.)

Dark Dragon says:

much applause, for a joke well done. :) *claps enthusiastically*

Jourgenz says:

It's test.
I could't post a message...

Zeanana says:

*grins* Best April Joke I have seen :D Just a shame, I don't get sound... anyone able to tell me how to redeem that? I use FireFox Browser...

Nebra Reppalk says:

I suppose I could demand voicing rights for Nebra III, but that would definitely be pushing it. ^.*

Ladyfox7oaks says:

April Fool's or not, I still think this would be a GREAT Idea! I'd pay to see it, anyway. ... I wonder if Peter Jackson is available...?

InBetween says:

Beautiful, but i wanted a more high pitch voice for faith...

................ says:

clay animation?

coraphise says:

Zeanana - I use FireFox too, but was able to view the flash just fine... maybe you need to update your Flash player?

nik404 says:

Hack again?!

Elpis says:

I'm just waiting to see what you do next year.

EveryZig says:

April 4 and its still thetre O.O

Irish Drinker says:

The style reminds me of that of an MMO more then a movie... though I must say, its rather cool. Makes a great comic, and if done right, could make a good movie.. but Comics and movies usually don't mix..... at least from what I have seen.

If true though, I must say, congratz regardless! :)

Aerinelf says:


That must've taken hours.

hkmaly says:

Comics and movies usually don't mix ? You mean like XMen, Spiderman, Hellboy, Spawn ... ?

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

This would be great if it wasn't April Fools...
I agree with the others, though, the animation isn't wonderful. Cartoony would be better than the thing you have now. (Revel in my animation-n00bness.)

Majestyca says:

when I watched this I was thinking "It's April First, isn't it" and "aw man, i wish it WASN'T April First..." wishing it was real and knowing it wasn't. nice job, though. I, too, was surprised that it had no Ayne.I mean, it had Rhyme! oh well

Fantasy Productions Inc. says:

hey Any one can use that name so it's probally just a fake at the top (or nearer to the top as i should say. really from: (...)

Irish Drinker says:

Yes, I mean like Spiderman and all that other crap. Not all of them are Terrible... but.... most of them are.

spark flare says:

that is so cool!!!

Ford Prefect says:

Wow. It's unbelieveable how many people fell for this 0.o
...But it is really cool...hehehehe

Phenoca says:

This is an April Fool's? The movie is already half-done!! I love it when Leaf says, "I am NOT a girl." And the animations were all realistic (go flying-paper-airplane)! But... Looking back, the shot with Feight and the Axe was definitely the best!

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Wed 23 May 18
1:26 MST
The End

It is with great sadness that I must announce the end of Chasing the Sunset.

Chasing the Sunset was always something Alien and I did together and ... a few months ago Alien decided to break off our relationship of 15 years. I am not going to go into the reasons other than to say I understand them and that it isn't about me being trans.

I'm sorry for not letting you all sooner ... it's been an incredibly hard time for me as I'm sure you can imagine.



I'm sorry I, was rather short in my message because of the pain in me, so I forgot to say something:

I want to thank every single one of you who have read us througout the years, and especially everybody who has commented or otherwise interacted with us. It is you who have made this project one of the very few things in my life that I'm proud of.

Thank you so much everybody, and I'm so very sorry it is ending like this.


Thu 28 Dec 17
0:11 MST
The multi-monster-maker

Like the past two years, Alien and I have made a little story for our kid's upcoming birthday. We print these out and hand them out to his classmates in lieu of the traditional candy.

Last year's could not be translated due to bad dutch puns, but I have managed to translate this year's. It's not my best work since I started work on it too late (and thus Alien did not get time to illustrate all of it), but I hope you enjoy this little interlude while waiting for comic to resume.

If you want more info about comic update and who this samantha person is who is signing this message, red the news item below this one.

Samantha out.

Thu 30 Nov 17
18:36 MST
What's up.

Hi all,

It's been I don't know how long since I've said anything here and longer yet since an update. I think you deserve to know what's up.

For the past few years I've been suffering from (and getting treatment for) very severe depression.

This makes it hard to make comic: Leaf, Ayne, Feiht and Myhrad are all different parts of me, but the pixie has lost its magic, Ayne has seen too many friends suffer without being able to help, too many of Leaf's crazy plans have gone awry and Myhrad is very afraid.

Speaking of Myhrad, who does not know whether they are a boy or a girl dragon, I have personally started a journey that will one day end with me being "Samantha" (though I already am and have always been).

Chasing the Sunset is not dead, even though it may seem like it. It won't die until it's either finished, or I am. It's just ... really really hard to work on until I get better.


Tue 3 Mar 09
10:32 MST
Our holiday plans

Hey all,

Those of you who frequent our IRC channel already know that Alien and I are planning another big trip this year. Since we've just booked our flights for it, I figured I'd bring the rest of you up to date (you know, in case anybody cares).

Older readers may remember that in 2007 Alien and I did a 21 day overland trip in eastern africa. We had such a great time there that we decided to go for something similar, except bigger.
This time around we'll be traveling in southern africa, taking Oasis Overland's "More Deserts and Game Parks" trip from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) all the way to Johannesburg (South Africa). On the way we pass through Botswana, Namibia, Cape Town and most of South-South Africa and Lesotho. In total it's a 40 day trip plus a few days joining/leaving (the plane trip alone takes some 17 hours all told).

We're hoping this trip will be as great as the last one. The itinerary promises some great memories at least, but a lot depends on the group of people we'll be traveling with. Last time around we had a bunch of absolutely awesome people there (which made saying goodbye quite hard).

Now don't despair. We're not gone yet. The trip starts the 30th of august and we'll be gone from the 28th of august till the 10th of october. We're already working on making sure we have a buffer for the comic by then so you won't have to miss a single update, and we'll get somebody to keep an eye on the site and kill any spam that props up.

Once we get back, I'll bore you all too death with wildlife pictures :)

Older blog posts:

Fri 13 Mar 09
9:00 MST
Creature of the day: Himapandara

In Hinduism, Himapandra, or 'Snow Palace', is the guardian of the northern part of the world, and mount of the treasure-king Kubera. Along with the rest of the Locapalas, he bears the world from atop the tortoise Akupara, guarded by the world serpent.


Wed 24 Mar 10
4:11 MST
Sand Castle

Fri 13 Nov 09
5:26 MST

Sun 14 Jun 09
8:58 MST
Jonatan II

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