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CtS Hacked

Created Sat 30 Jun 12 - 9:18 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Our server was hacked. We have not yet identified the source of the attack, but we have cleaned up all the mess it made. The hack put a lot of nasty stuff in our php files which resulted in us serving some dodgy javascript. If you checked our site either on the 29th of june or the 30th, you may want to do a virus check. That said, if you are using an up-to-date browser, you are probably not affected.

We are extremely sorry about this.


AlricYeah, Firefox came up with some warning, but I clicked ignore on it and came anyway.
CCCGoogle is still blocking this site when you search for it.
Mithandiryeah, I'm working on getting that resolved. What a pain.
hkmalyAny details? I'm using obsolete browser Firefox 3.6.16, on the other hand I have Linux, which is usually not targeted ...

Alric: I clicked on ignore and it didn't let me through anyway. Funny is that chromium did not even display warning.
hkmalyUpdate: Suprisingly, chromium warned when sending the comment ...
MithandirIt only targetted Internet Explorer and as near as I could tell it was not destructive (merely forwarded you to a search page of their own and wrote a cookie).

We've been verified as malware free and we'll be delisted, but it might take a while for google and firefox to stop giving a warning.
hkmalyGlad to hear that.
PulsyWarnings are gone here :) Yay! I tried contacting you guys on chat on the 29th, but you weren't there o.O
Ultrainventorack! I come to this site almost every day! I know there are a lot of sketchy things on the web, so I delete my browsing history and clear out new cookies often. do you think that helps? I have deleted a lot of my data recently.

ps: something else got past the comment box, if you didn't see my earlier post.
Ultrainventorah... I need to learn to read the comments. i don't use Internet Explorer, so I was never affected...
Allietbh, "" sounds like a fake domain, which is bound to reinforce any rumours of the site being unsafe that might have come out of the attack. If you want to change your URL, I just checked and is unused
MithandirIt's unused, but taken, and has been for many years. Somebody is basically holding the domain thinking it's worth a fortune. has some advantages as well: we get a good google ranking on "fantasy comic" and lots of other comic creators are jealous of us :P

Mind you, we got several other domains as well that redirect here
Oskshame on me for not checking this as regularly as I should
Rocks, Maps and CraftsI usually check the site every week day at my day job and still cannot access it. This is with Firefox, but also through my company firewall. I just emptied all my cookies and temporary Internet files. Your site currently gives me the same message it did over a month ago: Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/Badsrc-M has been found on this website.
I finally came here on my iPhone today cuz I saw on Facebook that I'd missed a few updates and was hoping Safari wouldn't have a problem. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that either the problem isn't fixed or my company firewall needs to be updated. :) and I love the newest comic and am very happy to get caught up on the story today!
AlienWe've seen no traces of further attempts at hacking CtS (checked last right now, and we seem in the clear), so it's most likely your company's firewall or similar. Thanks for letting us know it might have still been around though - we might not have noticed the issue in the first place (at least for a while longer) if our readers hadn't been alert and kind enough to tell us. Hope your company updates soon, but nice to see you're sticking with us even with their block.

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