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Contest Results and other anniversary stuff!

Created Sun 24 Feb 13 - 13:38 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News


Wow, it's been a busy week. Apart from the anniversary, I've had a very busy week at work which is why I haven't been saying much. However, now it's time to look at the contests and who won!


4 People managed to score 100% on the quiz, of which two left their mail and email. Congratulations to Bryan and Rhys for scoring the full 100%!

Another 11 got 98%, of which two's only "mistake" was saying that they liked Myhrad's purple spider pattern. We'll be counting these as the full 100% as well :) of course there will be a little prize for everybody who got over 90%, so if you got more than that and you put in your email address, then we'll be contacting you with your prize later this week.

Secret Code

The secret code was:

"Don't give up your dreams."

8 people managed to find that, of these Sasharowan and Terrec were closest on the additional question. If you're not one of those 8, here's how it worked:

On the 5 strips, there were codes hidden in the margin like this :


This translated to:

Comic number 430, panel 3, 6th word said by Myhrad.

Once again, we'll be contacting the winners this week with their prizes later this week.


In the end we only got two submissions for our fanart contest, however, they were both very awesome. Technically, our friend Muninn from Spindrift won, but I think both are winners and both will get prizes!

Other stuff

In the end we didn't reach our visitor target of 1 for every day we've been up, but we got pretty close and (barely) broke our previous record for visitors, so yay for that :)

Thank you all for celebrating our anniversary with us, I will continue to try to make this year of Chasing the Sunset the best yet.


Oh, and here's Rune helping Alien draw monday's strip:


EdorFausHeh, I only just now got around to trying the quiz. I started before I saw this post, but then started rereading bits of archive to confirm something (a nitpicking detail tbh). I wasn't sure which answer you'd prefer on a couple questions, so ended up with 94 on my first attempt, and got 100 a couple tries later (never added my name as I wasn't really interested in getting a prize anyway). Then I tried for lowest score. Got 20 on my first attempt, and slowly whittled it down to 14, which is the lowest I've managed to get. :)

btw - "left their mail and email"? :)
Lee that's been writing for agesWell, I must admit that my attempt at the code was embarrassingly unclose to anything resembling the answer. I'll stick to crosswords.
AlienEr, that was.... probably meant to be name and email :)
C-PMRune is so cute! Just gotta say!
PulsyWoooo that was fun! Sadly my estimate of how many people would get the code, was a bit of (i believe i guessed 273.4 at some point or another).

I loved those artworks by the way. Both of them were beyond awesome! I do however understand that not too many submissions were made, the competition is killing!

Quiz was tons of fun too, congrats to the winners!

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