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An update of sorts

Created Thu 21 Mar 13 - 12:15 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Hey all,

We've been missing friday's updates of late (and this week is no different) due to a combination of things:

- Rune has stopped taking afternoon naps, leaving Alien much less time to draw
- My day job is very busy currently.
- We've had to repair that ceiling.

So yeah ... busy busy. I haven't even had time to send out emails for the prizes from the anniversary contests yet and those have been well over a month! We've been *that* busy.

However, we've still been updating once a week and we're hoping to return to twice a week next week.

Oh, and we got Alien a Cintiq, so she's going to have to get used to that too.


DocA busy life is a happy life!
ShinRaitenI hope things calm down for you folks soon. Don't have any kids of my own but I can only assume it's a happy busy, at least :D
AspasiaI hope repairing the ceiling has nothing to do with Rune no longer taking afternoon naps :D
AlienOh, interesting point. I'll go tear down the ceiling again to find out! ;)