Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:

Woot! Leaf made it!

Sir Gawain says:

Did he have to use Malv's name?

Jen says:

Sweet! Nice colouring and drama, there.

distantvoices says:

Leaf looks really disgruntled in the fourth panel.

Winterbay says:

Yes, it would have been more impressive had he not had to use someone else's name :)

Mimir says:

At least Leaf has a flair for the dramatic. That certainly is a grand entrance.

-Norbert- says:

Maybe he was just asking something like:
"Malveniucs (Krakatowww) are you there?"^^

Rizzy says:

or rather, "Are you there, Malvenicus?" since if he'd start the sentence with "Malvenicus.." he wouldn't even need to finish it :D

Mkananoja says:

Leaf could have used the furries to open the door of course, but then again there would be no door to open... or walls.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me/
He's just a poor boy from a poor family/
Spare him his life for his monstrosity.

RickR says:

Mkananoja, that brings up the picture of a bunch of fuzzy critters helping Leaf open up the door. (Furries/Furies)

Vinom, the God-King says:

Dang... leaf on the fourth panel looks hot...

eekee says:

People who are summoning powerful things like lightning frequently do look hot.

eekee says:

I had to laugh when I got to panel 6. It fits what I assumed the moment I saw panel 4. :D

Chariset says:

Easy come, easy go,
Will you let Ayne go?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Bismillah, NO!
We will not let her go!
Let her go!
Bismillah, NO!
We will not let her go!
Let her go!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

No- no-no no- no no NOOOOO!
Oh Mama Mia let me go! Beeelzebub has a devil put aside for me..

Sitara says:

That servant in the first panel is wearing some really fine clothing.

...everything else I was going to say has already been said above.

Abeo says:

I'm still impressed. Dramatic timing is a skill that does not come easily.

Also, that is a favourite song of mine.

Anakha says:

Yeah, me too. Still: Queen references for the win!

Vorlonagent says:

Is that a reference to The Prisoner?

Anakha says:

Nope, Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, 1973. Incredible good Song from a very progressive Album (A Night at the Opera).

Tudden says:

HAHA WOOT, good entrance~!

MadMann135 says:

Leaf the master of timing and slipping past the (known) rules.

Katkinkate says:

Sooo, the dragon wasn't the test. Is the test still coming up?

... says:

Delayed effect from last strip?

hkmaly says:

...: Possibly. Or we didn't hear leaf to say it because he opened the door after that. Doesn't explain missing sound effect in previous strip, of course ...

Bianchi Holsters says:

That's pretty funny. Thanks for sharing.

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