The archmage's lab
Chasing the Sunset
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Arcanist Lupus says:

New comic! And intrigue, returning characters (This is the second time Mr. Not-a-Troll has shown up in jail), and what sounds like the return of the evil knowledge spirit. Fun times!

Sabreur says:

Green? Interesting. The memory spirit from the library, perhaps?

Mithandir says:

Yes. In the library, feiht scooped up the shards of the Crystal of the rogue spirit. She then gave those shards to the archmage to buy Leaf.


... apparently, it was bad idea (to give those shards to the mage). Also, Feiht have the power core right? Good luck getting it from her.

Also, yay new comic!

Iceea says:

The story continues with another sub plot it seems. Even the "good" arc mage has something up ulterior motive, even if it's a benign one. Lets see what happens when Ayne lets the pixies out.

Lee of the Rogue Star says:

Good that you are back! Thanks for whatever you can do!

Iceea says:

And I just checked out the magnifier. The bars of the cell/cage are magically protected.
Oh and good to see you back. The picture of you and Rune is great.

Katkinkate says:

Welcome Back!!!!!!
Glad you're feeling better.
Regards, Kate.

taskmaker says:

Woot! new strip! So glad I check this everyday XD glad that it's back!

Pulsy says:

Omg comic! My day just got so much better :D And it's also expertly colored and magnifiererderd and everything! I love this comic so much! :D

crankyduke says:

Welcome back!

Guestly says:

Nooo!!! Grand mage!!! Don't listen!!!

Red Shadow says:

Geb doesn't do a good job of staying out of jail, does he?

oberon1977 says:

LOL Geb is cheating he has an ace up his sleeve (well under his arm since he has no sleeves).

Welkom terug mith / welcome back mith

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