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Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

New page of comics! ... wait, is that at least in same universe?

Pulsy says:

Hehe i love the teeth on the purple monster :D Not at all your usual fangs ^_^

I can't seem to find the story though. Where do i click? Or do i wait for the next page to be posted? Very original birthday present by the way :D

There's a mistake there though - Rune can't possibly be seven years old. It feels like we saw the news last year! Maybe two years, max! :D Either that, or we're getting old :P

Samantha says:

Hkmaly:it's not, I'm afraid. I considered making it the cts universe when I wrote the first one, but the magic system didn't mash with what I needed for the story.

Pulsy:first actual story page will be up tomorrow, then updates Monday /Wednesday /Friday. And yeah, the bugger is really turning 7.

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