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Ceci n'est pas un update

Created Sun 5 Mar 17 - 11:43 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News



It's been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that. Here's a new comic for you to make it a bit better. This one has actually been half-done for ages. Just couldn't finish it ... but now I have.

I'm not sure when the next one will be, but consider this a step towards resumption of comic. In the past few weeks I have dusted off the website, cleaned out some spam and reconstructed the plot for this chapter. And now I've uploaded a comic. Progress! It was tougher than you might think.

I want to think all of you who have stuck around and especially those who have tried to contact us. I'm sorry that I have not answered you.

To those of you worried about me or Rune, here we are:

Alien not in the picture because I needed her to press the button, but she was smiling too.

Oh and for those of you who speak dutch and who remember the children's story we made for Rune's birthday last year, here's this year's version (sorry no english version):

De Kabouterpiratenschat (PDF 2.2 MB)

So, what have we been up to? Well, I've often seemed to hit the metaphorical wall running. I've been pretty good at picking myself up and to keep going. Sometimes the wall wins. It's ok though. I'm alive. And I finally coloured that comic.


MithandirFor those curious enough to read comments to news posts and who want some more details (I know some of you have been following us for ages and truly care about us), feel free to shoot a private message to our facebook page or send an email to Mith AT fantasycomic DOT com and I'll try to answer you as soon as possible
RocksMapsandCraftsHOORAY! I've thought of you often and am glad you're doing better. Rune looks healthy and thriving. :D
PulsyMaybe sometimes the wall wins. But not always. Not this time :) You finished a comic, and did awesome ^_^ The next one will come when it comes. We will be here.

Good to see you guys being happy in that pic! :D
Thank you for the new comic. It takes some really good images to keep me coming back to check over the months, but you have them. Looking forward to you breaking down the walls.
C-PMWishing you all the best! I was just thinking about you guys today and was surprised to find an update. Glad everyone is doing okay.
WinterbayFinally read this, and was reminded a bit of a story a wheelchair using colleague of mine told once "Sometimes it's hard being in a wheelchair, sometimes it's harder. Sometimes it's really hard, and that's when I realise I've forgotten to release the break".

Take care and enjoy life as much as you can :)