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Created Thu 30 Nov 17 - 18:36 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Hi all,

It's been I don't know how long since I've said anything here and longer yet since an update. I think you deserve to know what's up.

For the past few years I've been suffering from (and getting treatment for) very severe depression.

This makes it hard to make comic: Leaf, Ayne, Feiht and Myhrad are all different parts of me, but the pixie has lost its magic, Ayne has seen too many friends suffer without being able to help, too many of Leaf's crazy plans have gone awry and Myhrad is very afraid.

Speaking of Myhrad, who does not know whether they are a boy or a girl dragon, I have personally started a journey that will one day end with me being "Samantha" (though I already am and have always been).

Chasing the Sunset is not dead, even though it may seem like it. It won't die until it's either finished, or I am. It's just ... really really hard to work on until I get better.



SGSamantha, I wish you the best in your transition. You're not the only one out there who has wrestled with what you're dealing with, and you can come out better on the other side.

Chasing the Sunset has always been my favorite webcomic. I have stuck to keeping my eye on its updates throughout its hiatus and that is not about to stop now. When you're ready to resume it, I'll be here to read it.
PulsyHi Samantha! Great job starting a journey towards happiness! I just hope you don't run into too many pixie traps along the way.

Like SG says: don't worry about not posting comics. We'll be here, no matter when. :)
WinterbayI'm happy to hear that you are more or less fine and I'm sincerely hoping that things are going in the right direction now. When the comic is back we'll be back (or at least I will be) to read once more.

I hope your transition goes as smoothly as possible for you.
RocksMapsandCraftsI'm relieved to hear from you Samantha! Sounds like you're doing the good and hard work to be what/who makes you happiest. Good on you! I wish you light on the journey and know that we'll still be here cheering you on, reading when you post, and cheering you on some more. Virtual hugs headed your way if you want them.
IceeaDear Samantha, having transitioned myself fairly recently I can appreciate what you're going through. The bittersweet joy and often irrational fears that come with taking those steps after years of suppressing, holding back, doubting, and all the many "what if" thoughts we create in our mind is difficult to describe. But when all the dust settles, the feeling of being one's true self, of being able to fully inhabit your body results is a peace that will deepen with every day. I'm very lucky, both my job and where I live are very accepting. I know for many TG their situation can be extremely difficult. I hope your circumstances allow you to be who you truly are with a minimum of distress to you and your family. As many others have said I'll be here for the duration, this story is just too good. And now knowing that all the characters are aspects of you I'll have to reread from the beginning. Do take care I wish you the very best.
PS I am of Dutch ancestry through my fathers side and the individual who came to North America was also named Mathias. Please feel free to edit this if necessary, it got a little long.
SamanthaThank you all for your kind words and your support. Shortly after posting this I fell in a rather dark hole, but your words were a candle helping me find the way out again.
Resist the manipulatorsHi Mathias.

Please resist the manipulation, deception, and those who sacrifice others as well as the world and all of us. You have a right and an obligation to defend against them. Do not assume anyone is sincere. Instead, improve your capability to resist their attacks (whether those attacks are overt or covert); improve your ability to identify things and understand things; prioritize truth above all else, for else you have no chance; take the strength and stand in front and protect as is a man's duty and right (for yes, you ARE a man, no matter what people try to attack you with or how "easier" you may think it is to seek and live lies).

Break the conditioning.

If you need help, then go where no one can moderate what may be said or not. In such places lies and deceit thrive, but at the same time truth and understanding is allowed to thrive as well.

Never give up, never surrender. Take up your sword and seek the truth, and do so by testing, trialling and challenging your knowledge and understanding of things in multiple different ways.

Best regards. And get started! Again, remember this: You have a right and an obligation.
SamanthaHello "Resist the manipulators"

I doubt this will sway your mind, but I figured I'd reply for the benefits of others who come accross your comment.

First of all, this decision is my own. I have not been manipulated in it, despite what you may think. It's something I have carried with me for about 30 years now before deciding to go forward. It has not been an easy decision and not one I have made lightly, but it is definitely I who has made it.

Secondly, you suggest I am taking the "easy" route. I'm 1m95 (6'4). Imagine being that tall and going out in a dress in a world where quite a few people think like you do. Not to mention the quite painful steps involved in the process (on saturday I get to have my beard burnt off by a laser, trust me, it hurts). It's a lot easier to just keep pretending to be a man.

Thirdly, your view of what it means to be a man does not stroke with mine, so even if I wasn't trans, I would never fit your definition of it.

In my view, every human is an individual. Shaped by countless experiences and biological processes.

This individual human is Samantha.
hkmalyAnd I though people are picking SIMILAR names after transition ...
Samanthahkmaly: though it was completely by accident, "Samantha" does use 6 of the 7 letters of "Mathias" :)