Anger management

Ayne getting angry again. Blowup from frame 6 of comic 151.

Added 1969-12-31


Eikaneep...Ayne angry isn't a good thing...Ayne annoyed isn't, either...
DestervethaSheesh, I wish I could draw people consistently as well as you do *tear* When I'm really in form I can draw a small bit better, but that's maybe, umm, twice a year?? I wish I had ur talent! *sobb*
krazzyi think if she keeps actin' like this she goin' convert into a drow....
PixieJessicaI know how you can improve your drawing skills. Just practice constantly and keep your old drawings to reflect on.It works,trust me.
PixieJessicaI was talking to eikan
krazzyi think they'll fall in love...
krazzyyou can see the love in her eyes...
Powers That Aren'tWell, sorry to brand myself as an 'otaku' so soon, but I *do* *so* *love* when Ayne is wearing her quiver strap in that way. >:o...


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