A word made from the Old English man-wolf, a wereanimal has firmly stuck itself into mystical language as a lycanthrope, the most common being the werewolf, a man turning into a wolf by the light of the full moon.

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fjjkdfuro15i like it only a moon and that's it
firelanderjust a question, are there more strange creatures in you land?
AlricWere's are commonly thought to be vulnerable to silver.
hkmalyAlric: Usually it's not so much "vulnerable to silver" as it's "invulnerable to anything else". Sure, touching silver might burn them, but if you want to kill a lycanthrope you need to use silver weapon (sword, bullet) and make a wound which would kill human with it. If you use normal weapon (steel sword, lead bullet), (s)he will regenerate it in several minutes.
Eviei love it. I wish I could put my drawings on this site. I don't have a scanner. Or internet at the house.... :(


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