Backstory 1: An Elven Boy.
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Ahhh .... our humble beginnings. I've sadly lost that map, but have since redrawn it better from the digital version.
Isn't Leaf cute?

Alien says:

Ah. The meager beginnings of a story epic. Or a little comic. This comic was half scanned in mere pencil, while some was inked. Mith drew the nice map.

Becci says:

I'm sure he did. But why do you call the little elf "Leaf"? Dont sound like an elvish name!

Finniga Fanny says:

Because it IS not an elvish name! Nobody knows hes real name!

Becci says:

You'r really grumpy. Ya know that?

... says:

Why Leaf? Because he's going to up and leave. ;-)

Randyman says:

Bleh. Leaf's dad looks like a cute babe.

Narissona says:

Yo, Mithh, Alien. I want you to find my message on strip 343. I hope you find it, It's got a really important message for you...

Mithandir says:

We always notice all messages, the system takes care of that :)

bookbook says:

Bubbles says:

Bubbles has arrived! Quite late, but nevertheless, he has arrived!

Rendezvous says:

yo bubbles do you like this comic

Shadow Phoenix says:

CtS owns! Humble beginnings, indeed.

spiggy says:


hawkstar says:


hawkstar says:

whoops-sorry...I meant...AMBUSH!!

loki says:

heres loki! i arrived in comic # 375. the latest,ya know...oh-just a reminder, but i'm (or was) bovinesshaltgomoo,the raven,and hawkstar(hawkstar will return)!

Nera says:


Bubbles says:

yes, rendesvous bubbles do like this comic.Yes.

Attacking Pixie says:

Bwahahahahahaaa! Gimme all yer shinies-at itching-dust point...Wait. Itching-dust doesn't HAVE a point...

the lone power says:

coooool coooomiiiiic

Bubbles says:

Uhhh. I don't get what people mean when they say they "arrived at comic like 200-something..I mean doesn't everyone start reading at the first comic? Or is that just me? I dunno, I'm kinda slow 2day.

Alric says:

Ooh colour! Shiny!

hawkstar says:

hi! as loki said, i'm hawkstar and i'm returning!! oh btw, Lone Star is me too. And what does roflmao mean?!

ick says:

25th comment!

Wawuty Gibit says:

i used to be ick

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

excellent, you added color!

Dark Dragon says:

ooh, color. wow leaf looks like his dad.... time paradox anyone?

KidCat says:

No, I don't think so. I think Leaf was just born looking more like his dad then his mom.

Goldenear777 says:

Although, a time pardox would be like super-cool. but where would Leaf's friends be?

natalief says:

Neither A nor B.
Either A or B.
Not A or B.

natalief says:

No A or B.
English. A language with dictionaries, thessauri and grammar guide books.

The Lord of First-Ness says:

I am more powerful than those in the land of Last!I am in the land of First!No-one shall defeat me!>:D

first? says:

Am I first?

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