The End??
Chasing the Sunset
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Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:


Icy says:

Women a man elf...awkward...

AnyaStyrzod says:

What happened to SuperFeiht?

Bubbles says:

she died because feiht got scared

AnyaStyrzod says:

But SuperFeiht is cool!! :)

CryptoGirl says:

i wonder why leaf is so angry. is it his dad, or something else that we have yet to learn.....because the death of his father would just make him sad....somewhat angry, but he would be hopeful. i have a feeling there's something that we don't know yet....

*Skittles* says:

Feiht's right. It's a very good thing that Ayne wasn't there

Shadow Phoenix says:

Very good indeed. She might have ended up permanently glowing red. Major creepiness here.

Lee says:

Is Feiht concerned for Leaf or just worried she'll get blamed?

the lone power says:

uuuuummmmm, ecuse me cryptogirl, but just because leaf got picked does not mean he IS angry, it means he when he is angry he anger is pure.DUHHHHHHH! pardon my french, but your************(sorry i get angry over nothing you****! wooooooops!!!

hailstorm says:

dirty wordy

Lokitf says:

@the lone power: the furies would not be a fan of your anger then...

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