Reaching out
Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

ware is everybody???

VonTasha says:

Why is he crying ?

Bubbles says:

Cos hes saaaaaaaaaaaaad.

CryptoGirl says:

now he looks a lot like a little child. it's so sad, he's crying....:-(

Squirt says:

Is it just me or does it look like his eyes are glowing red?

Bastet says:

Yeah, his eyes are slightly red~!

Soleil says:

WHOA why are his eyes glowing red!!!!

Nightclaw says:

It could have something to do with the furies...y'know, spirits of anger?

fluffy says:

why does Leaf look old?!?!

fluffy says:

in panel 4 to 5

Ramani says:

Are those wrinkles or tears in frames 4&5?

hailstorm says:

Not wrinkles case hes a vamp now that will sparkle in the sun case the auther of twilight was two uninteresting to make the vamps die in the sun

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