Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

A while later ...
This footnote just to avoid nitpickers saying Leaf and Ayne couldn't have walked that mile so fast :)

kokopelli says:

how cone no ones here???

Icy says:

She not answer question... SHE IS TROLL!

Aerinelf says:

Yaaay! I was right! *dances around in circles* Happy me, happy Ayne (yeah right), happy dryad...

Bubbles says:

ya why dosnt alien post sumn...and mith hasnt posted since like chapr one...

Flaming Mono says:

They're lazy.

Bubbles says:

theyre NOT lazy! I bet they're just busy.

zehlyi says:

Wasn't that * in the upper left was originally a footnote? I seem to remember that, but not what it said...

hailstorm says:

yea i was wonderin what that was


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