Chased and pursued
Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

It's all just a plot! A ploy! A deception! ...shutting up.

Intruder says:

omg! MORE LIES!!! ;/

Ayrin says:

A deer in panel two! And such a cute deer!

Zyth says:

Now I must become even more paranoid?!?

webster says:

paranoia can be good, somtimes...

CryptoGirl says:

yes. like when dealing with pixies.

Bubbles says:

Everybody's so mean 2, to try 1 of those "HTML tags"...


Bubbles says:

Bubbles has arrived! Quite late, but I nevertheless have invaded the site!

Bubbles says:

Oh sorry...that comment was supposed to be on Comic #1

Bubbles says:

the html tag just made it skip down a paragrapagraph!

hailstorm says:

the paragrahgraph


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