History lesson
Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

great joke!

Skarlog says:

No mans land! Lol! I don't think I could live there...I love men! And this story...And the fey...and bah! I love it all!

Zyth says:

Coheed & Cambria...not the best thing to listen to while reading this.

dancer says:

"no man's land" ....leaf is in trouble.

AnyaStyrzod says:

But he's not a man, technically, he's an elf

Midnightsky says:

That wall looks like the Great Wall of China!

Soleil says:

Is it? It dos look like it....


Bubbles says:

The great wall of Amazonsia!

Nightclaw says:

:p Leaf doesn't have THAT much to worry about...as long as the rest of 'em can keep their big mouths shut, they MIGHT think he's a girl....

Ramani says:

Nightclaw has a point...

hailstorm says:

The flowers help maby stuff his shirt or somthing

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