Gullible tourists
Chasing the Sunset
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Intruder says:

more rofl

augdog20 says:


Flaming Mono says:

Myhrad may be standing on one leg, but he's still sitting on his own butt to support himself...

Bubbles says:

IDK...looks kinda like he just lost the other leg if u ask me

Shadow Phoenix says:

It's a "sheep's eyes" incident! (Discworld again, I'm afraid) I hope that sort of thing never happens to me.I love Myhrad.

Black*magic*girl says:

the queen is the best blue of all!! (I wanted to paint my room that color)

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

I like the dark blue Amozon with white hair. It's pretty!

JuneBug says:

I meant "it" as in her hair. Not her.

Matti says:

They fell for it!

hailstorm says:

The one with wite hair looks like she has scales

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