Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

thats nasty!

Skarlog says:

I agree!

Lee says:

Someone tell President Lincoln!

Icy says:

Or President Washington!

Narissona says:


don't ask

bovinesshaltgomoo says:

must be cause theyre blue. why didnt anyone say that.besids me.

Bubbles says:

Didn't President Washington own slaves?

Veralidaine says:

Maybe. I think it's Adams who was most famous for it, though. Not sure which one.

Shadow Phoenix says:

It's Jefferson who was famous for it. And I totally agree with Ayne.

person reading the comic to see if she likes it. says:

it's jefferson because he was the hypocrite who owned slaves but wanted to make slavery unconstitutional.

Mercury589 says:

Even more ironic, he freed them upon his deathbed.

Lone Star says:

what's a hypocrite? And yes Washington owned slaves, but John Quincy Adams didn't. His father did...I think.

Bubbles says:

A hypocrite is someone who says one thing but does another. Like if I said I hated all shnies, but I secretly pored over gold and jewels in the night. Or like dick cheney. Or george bush.

Lone Star says:

Somebody tell MLK Jr.!!!!!!

Lone Star says:

about selling the amazons

Vinom, the god-king says:

I'd buy an amazon, it would stimulate the economy

hailstorm says:

See thats why canada rocks because we didnt have to go to war just to end slavery Yes lincon was really cool but if u amaracins where more like us u wholdnt have needed someone like him in the first place

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