Chasing the Sunset
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Skarlog says:

Lol! Depend on the undependable!

adae says:

haha "our distraction got distracted?" and "she may be unreliable, but you can depend on her."

Lee says:

HWGA... "woe onto you" should probably read "woe unto you", but knowing Feiht's grammar I can't be sure.

fuzzly cat says:

indeed. nice dragon

Squirt says:

I don't understand the last panel.

Bubbles says:

it's just a dreaded Oxymoron. Splash it with holy water and it should go away.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Now, that is a grade-A distraction.

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:


CoolHandNuke says:

Leaf's quite the strategist

hailstorm says:

its gonna turn out to be an actual dragon remember the humans cant see fieht

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