Amazonian History Part I
Chasing the Sunset
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Becci says:

O.o First coment. Unfortunlately, I have nothing to say.

fuzzly cat says:

me neither. ironic

augdog20 says:

poor tedy bear

Nebra Reppalk says:

Bad policy, killing women and children. Usually calls the wrath of a deity upon you.

Windsong says:

the teddy bear looks like its sinking into the ground!

Ajemii says:

oh noo! quicksand! RUN!

Bubbles says:

But they still haven't told how they got blu skin

Nera says:

The teddy bear is dissolving!

JuneBug says:

Poor, poor teddy.

JuneBug says:

Hey, I think I know that lady in the last panel. She looks familier...

JuneBug says:

How many L's are in "familier"? One or two?

CoolHandNuke says:

It's "familiar". And pixies are in charge of the special effects? *twitch*

hailstorm says:

the have unabrows

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