Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

I didn't realise this while writing the script, but this is the first time a male character has ever used magic in the comic.

pixiejessica says:

*gasp* BIG BOOM MAN GO BIG BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

shinee who must be obeyed! says:

the spell looks cool

you know Leaf would be a lot more effective in everything if he didnt pass out all the time

Nova says:

Attack of the killer furies!!!!!
Really there is no male magic usage, it's the furies doing all the work.

the krud says:

how come wecan understand the men?

ivellios says:

it's 3rd person hearing not leaf or ayne hearing it

Phoebe says:

Oooooo...Shiny, man...

Lady Sol says:

Wasn't the wizard who conjured the flood male? We sort of saw him do magic in the bard's flashback.

A visitor says:

Does Leaf even count as a guy

Lee says:

Technically, yes, in spite of appearances. PS wasn't able to comment on 205 for technical reasons, but the last panel was a perfect description of a pre-emptive strike. Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?

Bach says:

Thats the Furies spirit manifested as an attack I\'m guessing.

Icy says:

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh...pretty lights...wait...not pretty...SHINNNNNY!!! *runs to leaf**explodes in ball of light*

fuzzly cat says:

good idea leaf! you saved the eggies from certain disaster that everyone predicted

augdog20 says:

o god that cant be good but it is cool

thewatermelon says:


CryptoGirl says:

i wonder what all the symbols mean....what language are they in? anyone here know chinese/japanese characters?

bookbook says:

Remember the "what species are you" question: My rune is.... Those things are runes of anger, violence, and magic.

Bubbles says:

I couldn't comment on 205 either...wonder why...ah, yes it was a pixie! dang pixies! well sry feiht bt

Shadow Phoenix says:

Evil red light and freakiness!

Jynx says:

FYI... those symbols look nothing like any Asian language that I know of

bookbook says:

the symbols probably are the physical manefestations of Leaf's righteous anger.

booben says:

OOOOOOOOOOOH. leaf is angy. so angy. i lieke pie

JuneBug says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

man get zorted.

Odwin says:

The runes are literally symbols of RAGE.
And now I have to read the entire archive to see what all the magic says.

hailstorm says:

Man go poof

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