Return of the cavalry
Chasing the Sunset
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Midget says:

YAY!!! Think I'm first to comment!!! YAY MYHRAD!!!!!

Still think it was Feiht's fault. XD

Midget says:


i_like_shiny_things says:

Hey, Anye's gash suddenly disappeared! I didn't know elves could heal that!

Jen says:

oh no! Leaf! wake up!

LadyPhoenix says:

The suspense is killing me!

Eikan says:

midget should be sleeping when this is posted! caffeine harms elfses!! XD

Powers That Aren\'t says:

LEAF! Wake up, Leaf!
You save the future of the Blue-Skinned Amazons, and now you're in a coma *AGAIN*! LEAF!

Mithandir says:

Yes, whatever happened to that gash, Alien?

Alien says:

Er, um, er... *looks innocent*
I forgot :(
I'll have it back next comic? Pwomishe?

Ivellios says:

when and why did you put in the coment section and what type of dragon is Myhrad?

Mithandir says:

Added it somewhere last week, just for fun mainly (and to get a bit more interaction). If many people object we might remove it, but I like it (see news post soon) :)
Myhrad is a drageling, that's all that's known at this point. More of Myhrad and his history will be discussed in chapter 6 (currently we'er in chapter 4)

Kitten says:

Myhrad looks really cute coming out of the bushes :o)

Midget says:

Eikan...midgey no likey sleepies!!!!!

OWK says:

Leaf and primary colors are having issues...
Red Furies --> coma
Blue Amazons --> coma
Yellow ???

Eraikei W. O. says:

And to think that Eikan and Midget are my best friends...
I love CtS. I can't wait until you two update. Alien, I love your drawings. This is coming from the person with 0 talent. Mithandir, the story line is great. I really enjoy the comic, and I'm waiting to see how you two make Leaf's situation with the Furies into something bad, or whether it'll turn out useful.

Ivellios says:

16 minutes left

Ivellios says:

12 hours how cn i update post first when ile be asleap wah *:-(*

Punster says:

OWK. are you suggesting that Leaf may go into a coma when he's p***ed?

Nice to see you've still got Feith in the comic... *rimshot*

Beacon says:

Yay! Postbox is fun. It makes commenting on individual comics easier, and simpler to tell you guys how much we love your comic! Now, I have things to attend to. *sits down and starts hitting refresh until the new comic shows up (j/k)*

flamesofgrowth says:

Right.......the comic will be up around 12:00 MST.........what's MST?

Nice comic btw......

EdorFaus says:

MST is Mountain Standard Time.
12:00 MST is 19:00 GMT, so MST = GMT-7.

Eolill says:

That's eight hours time-difference for me... ^_^;

flamesofgrowth says:

And here's me on GMT.......

Hjalte says:

oooh noooo.... I'm on GMT+1..... darnit!

kokopelli says:


fuzzly cat says:

leaf's hair is yellow(ish) so i don't think he should have too much trouble. then again the gryphens or something were yellowish too. they led(ish) to the red furies.

CryptoGirl says:

"Powers that aren't," are you a fan of the Young Wizards series, by any chance? just curious.

Icy says:

Ayne looks manly in F2

Shadow Phoenix says:

Cryptogirl: The term "Powers That Be" appears in more things than that series (although that's where I first encountered it :P).
Icy: I agree.
I like Myhrad in Panel 6.

black*magic*girl says:

goes into coma.....hahahahaha
'I didn't break him'...rofl

hailstorm says:

Or did she.........

Nokob says:

A crazy coincidence: on the MS Paint Adventures forums, there was someone called Leaf who went into a coma. I linked the thread he made about it as my "site".

Nokob says:

OK, I'm not sure how you see this "site" thing, so here's the thread if anyone somehow sees this and is interested:

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