They know.
Chasing the Sunset
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Spoon says:

oooh... wonder whats gonna happen next? especially when the amazons find those men!!

Silverwolf says:

Didn't they already know he was male from earlier in this thread?

LadyPhoenix says:

Don't forget, even a lot of readers seem to miss that he's male. :-p It's all that pretty, blond hair.

LadyIslay says:

*chuckles at the 'you know he's a boy'? comment*
I love Feint's retelling of the story. :)

Alphawolf says:

it could help if he didn't tie it up in a ponytail like that, but i wouldn't count on it

Eikan says:

well, they could make him go around with a marine haircut without a shirt, but we don't want that!!!! everyone loves the hair! ......well, i do...o.o;; ^_^;;;

OneTwentySix says:

Well, it might help if he wasn't wearing something that looks so much like a skirt, heh.

Mithandir says:

Heheh. Nah, right before they met the amazons Feiht found out Leaf isn't a girl (despite what she was thinking for the same reasons mentioned in the comments here). However, the Amazons weren't supposed to know. In fact Feiht only found out because Leaf was saying they'd be in trouble if the Amazons found out.

Midget says:

much agreeing with eikan...

luffing the stoy feiht tells...
then it went 'boom!'
^________^ shinee story are great as usual.

Powers That Aren\'t says:

What!? Leaf is not a girl!?! >8-C

But... But, what about the wreath of flowers in hair? That's a "girl" thing, right?

Poor Leaf... He's gonna have to work hard to prove his 'mascalinity', especially if Feiht won't believe it... >:)

spiderbaby says:

yeeka! no marine haircuts for Leaf! I wouldn't mind the shirtless thing though :-P

Lythic says:

So, if the Amazons met Legolas, they wouldn't tease me for thinking he's hot? (Not that they would if he WAS a gal..)

Lae says:

He is very feminine... But all elves are. Its always easier to distinguish elvish women than elvish men!
Feiht is great...

Coyo says:

I wouldn't say that all elves are feminine, they just gave a different ideal of masculinity.

Lae says:

What do you mean by that?

Beacon says:

I agree. Masculinity and femininity are largely defined by our own social views. Sure, by our standards, male elves might seem rather feminine, but if you were to look at us (humans) from, say, an orc's point of view, he'd probably say the same thing.

Eolill says:

Probably. And Leaf's "tunic" always bothered me, 'cause it looks like he's walking around in his night-gown... ^_^;; Ayne has these different parts of her clothing, and belts and stuff... Leaf would need a belt. He could use shoes, too. ^_^;; Not complaining, though, it's a wonderful story, and I don't think the hair is bad...

Reinder says:

I still say it's the legs that do it.

Lae says:

Fair enuf.
Liking the orc idea...
I like orcs ;)

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Elves have their own unique fashion. I guess the Amazonians don't mind.

kokopelli says:

orcs, neat-o

fuzzly cat says:


there are too many comments. i am going into hiding for a while. anyone care to join me?

Aerinelf says:

Wait-is it just me, or IS Leaf walking around in his nightgown? Because he got up in the middle of the night... Well, I guess it's still a tunic, but it looks like a nightgown since he isn't wearing any pants.

Flaming Mono says:

"He could use shoes, too."

He is wearing shoes.

Bubbles says:

Lae, I don't see any orcs >_O

Shadow Phoenix says:

Panicked pixies pronouncing titillating tales! "Leaf went all red and they went 'Boom!'" LOL.

Ramani says:

Feiht's funny! :)

Ramani says:

And actually, I thought Leaf was a girl at first too...

JuneBug says:

It will be easier to tell when he hits puberty.

hailstorm says:

then hell have to start whearing pants

pseudonym says:

how about a hat? a very manly, masculine hat or, he could braid that blode hair into a thick braid or he could get a pair of pants! :D

Lokitf says:

It's kind of interesting to be talking about cultural relativism vis-a-vis gender ideals about mythical creatures. lol.

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