The trials explained
Chasing the Sunset
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i_like_shiny_things says:

Sooo...does it surprise anyone at all that Ayne passed the trials without even trying? *sniker*

Riverting says:

I like these Amazons. They're funny. :P

Eolill says:

Go Ayne! ^_^ Much more effectful than any actual trials... and btw, Myhrad looks really big in that first panel, he isn't by any chance growing?

Dryg0n says:

well Eolill, its been a long time since they left.

krazzy says:

it doesn't suprise me i_like_shiny_things not one bit... i hope they don't turn her blue...

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

What is the light on Frame 1? A lantern of some sort?

kokopelli says:

i think it's healing salve....

fuzzly cat says:

i'm back.
go ayne. the sensible one!!!

Bubbles says:

Another good comic. Thanks Mith and Alien

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

how can there be effing boyfriends if theres no MEEEEEEN!!!!*sigh*

JuneBug says:

That was easy.

JuneBug says:

Btw, your drawing skills are really improving.
Keep up the good work!;p

-Norbert- says:

Those hatching out of the eggs and come to the world blue don't have to prove they are Amazons do they?
It's a trial for those who want to join but weren't born Amazons
And the light is a candle, you can see it in the previous comic.

fieryonionofDOOOM says:

She was trying, she just didn't know that they were trials. Ayne was trying to solve the matter at hand.
And the ones with boyfriends aren't amazons yet.

hailstorm says:

dose this mean no love story

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