Nature's Power
Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellios says:

woot first comment

Ivellios says:

from the way the blue from the clothes and other places is spreading im guessing she will turn blue

EdorFaus says:

ooh, love the poem. Such good advice, and presented so well.

EdorFaus says:

Heey... Waitaminnit... Just though about something... Does becoming an amazon mean that Ayne will lay eggs? Even if she someday finds the male-elf of her dreams? Oh dear, if so.
I wonder just how many consequences this will have that Ayne haven't thought about. :P

Hex says:

I dont think she will become blue, maybe she just will wear blue stylish lines, like scars.
The hint i got its from the birthmark and the way how those "flames" are surroundig her.
Btw, ligth is coming from the her innerside, take a look at hr face and the wounds on the arm.

Mimir says:

They're poets! Mithrandir and Alien are reincarnations of the great god-bards of old, those who sang to the roman proconsuls and the egyptian pharoahs have returned in the flesh they have!!!

Translation: Nice poem. That actually struck a chord.

Mithandir says:

I'm afraid I overdid the special effects a bit

King of Shadows says:

Over did the special effects? Na, you can never have enough special effects! It looks really cool! And the poem is really good advice.

Trelweny says:

whew! The wind from the flames must be pretty fierce, to undo her hair-bun like that! @_@ extra cool.

LadyPhoenix says:

Beautifully drawn and colored! My jaw dropped in amazement at the artwork! Absolutely love the poem, too! As of today, this is my favorite Chasing the Sunset comic!

Rosey says:

This is my favorite storyline to date. It started like a distraction on Leaf's quest, but it's become so much more. I love love love Ayne. Keep up the good work.

Silverwolf says:

Ayne looks like she's lighting up...from the inside!!! And...why am I imagining Leaf or Feiht roasting marshmallows around the fire at Ayne's feet?

Elys says:

cool!! 'tis so blue, and the poem is too! Love it!!!

Temujin says:

NOW we all know why the Amazons can never keep their history straight! absolutly beautiful!

Adae says:

Oh... It is so pretty and the poem is so true and and and!!!!! Good job Alien and Mithrandir!

BenneyChaos says:

Oh... wow.... it looks so awesome, and I love that Leaf is in the picture, too. Showing the connection to the two have with each other. The only problem is the poem is hard to read! Which is a crime because it's such a good poem. Dark blue lines against a black background don't make for easy visability.

tilyene says:

woooow..... that is awesome. the poem is.. is... damn. it struck a chord, its an awesome poem, i LOVE it. the graphics, i love the way lef is there, watching her, and SHE... she looks at once so powerful, and yet so VERYVERYVERY fragile, as if shed break at the lightest touch.

this here would make an AWESOME background, if enough dark blue/black were given on the left side to make it so that 2 lines of icons wouldnt ruin the words.

this is the best looking comic you guys have made, tis just soo....

can you make a background-sized version? please?

sesshi says:

This comic is purdy indeed! Reminds me of one of those Magical girl transformation scenes from animes @_@ Heheh, don't mind me, but seriously, great job! I agree, it would make a nice background, and the poem is so inspirational and applies to everyday life, not just becoming an amazon ;)

Eraikei W. O. says:

Gods... I thought I was a good writer... That puts my stuff to shame... The poem is great... The art work surpasses any I have ever seen... Including my brother's, who's standing behind me, in awe... This is defently one of your best update things... @.@

Riverting says:

....I love you.

Coyote says:

Not to nitpick, but there's a typo in the comic's title.

I really like this.

Ivellios says:

an earlyer comment about if ayne will lay eggs but then meats the elf of her dreams her dreams would probably suit a human or dwarf in charecter of strength and fighting skills

Moonclaw says:

Such a pretty poem. Can't wait to see what happens to her.

Ginny Lyn says:


Music4asoul says:

I really like this one ^^

Thena says:

Wow. That is beautiful. And inspiring.

Mithandir says:

Wallpaper version of it now available at the pixie forest.

K\'layana Yaova Clayhadras says:

o0o0o0o shiny...i love the's amazing..

the recent blue flame art work has been stellar...awesome work!!! loveing the story!!!

King of Shadows says:

I am really starting to wonder if Ayne really knows what she is getting into.

Ivellios says:

mith why dont you and alien create a comic buffer so that if you get sick for a few days you can still use the buffers to update with

Mithandir says:

We've tried that, but can never make it work nor last. We barely manage to get normal comic done, where would we find the time to do more for buffer?

tilyene says:


*happy dance*

i have a new backgroundn its so purdy and shiny and shiny and blue and shiny and purdy!


Lae says:

Love the comic guys! ur stars!!

ForceUser says:

Evil persensss who nag mith and alienss with bad emailsss... we'll gets them my presiousss... yesss, we'll gets them...

oh, and this comic looks Awesome!

Azi says:

Great poem and awesome effects.

Ayne can't back out now, can she? And all she wanted was a bow... I'm not sure the bargain is fair.

eekee says:

Stunning! ^_^ Poem's beutiful too :D

crazyninny says:


Mimir says:

As I said in the comments a few comics ago, it stinks of the old trade:

"I want a bow"
"I can give you one... FOR YOUR SOUL!!!" *evil laughter*

Ivellios says:

mith why dont you take a weeks brake so you can make a buffer wich should make things easyer then to update on time

Lae says:

the weeks break would be a good idea, you guys deserve it...
BUT shut up already about the buffer! Let Mith and Alien decide what they want to do themselves!

SephVII says:

Kick ass stuff ^_-
The effects are very well done and coupled with the good artwork make a very nice result. You must have worked on this page for some time. More stuff like this and you could really bring in a lot of readers.

flamesofgrowth says:

Mith, Alien do what you must, I enjoy your comic enough to wait, I understand that you both have lives, but it would appear that some of your readers do not, more fool them. Do what you must dear leaders of this tale, I will wait.

Adae says:

*agrees with flamesofgrowth* And the idea of the comic stopping made my eyes tear up but if you guys ever feel that it is too much of a strain you can stop. It is (and should be) your decision. However if you make this decision I will dearly miss chasing the sunset.

spider says:

In all honesty, I am enjoying the delay, as perverse as that seems, because it has given me more time to reflect on and re-read the poem in this comic. The line "though you are frail, nobody is weak." is really moving.

which is not to say that I'm not looking forward to the next update. CTS is always worth the wait!

sesshi says:

Not only that, but i just wnated to take this oppurtunity to compliment you're great work on the website. It's very functional and easy to get around, plus the fun Pixie Quotes on each page are hilarious!! Great job, Mith, Alien. CTS is deffinitely one of my faves and has been since it started!

AnyaStyrzod says:

Beautiful!! No, you can never have enough special effects :)

Bubbles says:

Amazing!Great poem, nice art!

Wot's BTW?! Could someone PLEASE tell me cos I'm uberconfused!

*Skittles* says:

That is AWESOME!

Ramani says:

BTW = By The Way

black*magick*girl says:

ooh make me an amazon!!!!

Squirt says:

WOW! I have to make a binder of poem this year for school. PLEASE!!!! tell me I can use this one! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

JuneBug says:

Leaf looks like he is watching a movie.
"Pass the popcorn, please."

TheNextTaggerung says:

Zounds! Amazing poem & art, Mith and Alien.

TheNextTaggerung says:

'Tis flamablamablous.

hailstorm says:

She looks beutiful in this comic and the poem is wonderfull

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