Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

Whoa! What did you do to Ayne's face in panel five? It admittedly is a good face for talking about being possesed by evil spirits... but whoa!

Still... I don't think a city of philosophers would burn them at the stake. Maybe they'd get locked up forever so they could be studied? I dunno.

Ice says:

first post perhaps? i like the 4th panel lol - ice

Ice says:

darn. mimir posted while i was typin lol

Ivellios says:

it's funny that a young elf like leaf who has perfect balence on branches and has probably jumped across the rocks on heaps of rivers slips
and didnt ayane have arrows with fletching in colours other than just blue
btw Yay cts is updating daily

Mithandir says:

Yeah, but she lost some of those other colors to some amazon kids in frame 5 of this comic. I'll have to ask her what she did to the others tho, maybe it's to be more amazonny?
As for Leaf's inbalance .... you'll have to ask alien that :)

sjon says:

Unbalanced elf? At least he doesn't have to walk around in wet clinging pants.

Oh, and if a pixy is the least of your worries then you really are in trouble.

Nastiban says:

Is it me or is Aynes bow kind of big in the first frame?

Pockyfille says:

what's with the arrows sdticking out of her head?!

LadyPhoenix says:

That Ayne is such a card! Putting those arrows in her hair (panel 4) to add to her "crazed elf" effect was the best! (You see her putting them back in her quiver in panel 5, Pockyfille.) Very nice strip. :)

eekee says:

Daily CtS! *does a happy dance*

Ayne v. scary in panel 4, but I had to laugh at the arrows.

o.o @ "We're doomed"

Queen Julietaini says:

Nice one. YAY for cts updating daily. It has now been pronounced flamablamablous.

crazyninny says:

they'er doomed. but i can't pick if the gang is doomed or the poor humans. which ever Feiht takes on first most likly. =D

BenneyChaos says:

YAY! BUNNY IN THE FIRST PANEL! I don't know why I love small woodland animals in this comic strip, but I do. And while the daily updates are cool, don't go exhausting yourself for us.

tilyene says:

tilyene says:

err... oops about above. anyways. ayne is too damn funny in frame 5!!! i needed a good belly laugh!

spider says:

*sigh* Alien draws pretty swirly elf hair. So (I'm almost scared to ask) is his hair staying down then? *sigh again*

Moonclaw says:

HaHa! Love strip 5. Its very funny.

YukiNeko says:

ohh... ayne looks so funny! i had to plug my nose to hide my giggles 'cause i'm in a library.

Chevette Girl says:

Ayne's face... dear gods that was hilarious!

Skarlog says:

I luv the arrows! They're a nice touch.

Lee says:

Brilliant before-and-after effect in panels 4-5!

Lee says:

Correction... panels 3-4. Sorry I can't count, I went to a liberal High School.

wuvle says:

BUNNY!! isn't da widdle bunny so cuuuuute!

Bubbles says:

rofl... laughs came out a my nose

Lone Star says:

Oooohh... cute widdle bunny wabbit sooo cuute...

JuneBug says:

Love panel five.
Btw, I'm possessed by evil spirits, can you help me?

TheNextTaggerung says:

panels 4 & 5. Hee.

hailstorm says:

they wont be burned unless they weight the same as a duck cause that means that they float so that means they are made of wood so they will burn

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