Maturely running away
Chasing the Sunset
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Dan says:

Hmm, so are they running from the skeleton.. Or Feiht?

Telerious says:

My guess is little of both.

K.B says:


Mad-MonKey says:

skelleton who cares, feith...... now there's a good reason to start running.
btw WAIT 4 MEEEEEeeeeee............

Nastiban says:

Wasnt it Feiths skeleton? :S

Tsurwen says:

'Magic is fun!'-Feiht, CTS. More truer words have never been spoken.

PS nice pointing in frame 4, that must have been difficult.

Issy says:

Glad to see you're feeling better again! Yay!

Beacon says:

Didn't notice it before, but unless that's a magic candle, Ayne's hand's gonna be hurting. Hot wax dripping on to your hand is not fun. Well, peeling it off is kinda fun, but not worth the pain.

Feldar says:

I don't see how ripping hairs out of your skin by the root could ever be considered fun.

Midget says:

Yay Feiht!!!!!!! Magic is fun! I would have done the same thing1 Make them run!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...okay I'm done now. And Eraikei/ it so wrong to bug Eraikei?

girl with dumb brother says:

My brother bust up laughing and fell he's still laughing

Eraikei W.O. says:

Yes, it's wrong to bug me!!! T.T Heh... I think I have a new idol

Mimir says:

Who says peeling wax off your hand isn't worth the pain? It's so fun!

eekee says:


Oh, Feight.... ^_^

ivellios says:

peeling wax off your hand is fun but im guessing the candle is enchanted caus 1 it doesnt show a shadow but then again most comics/cartoons dont bother with them and 2 the candle hasnt shrunk since it got lit and 3 it didnt extinguish when they started running away

Tempest says:

lol funny coincidence: just yesterday I watched a tv documentary about monks in the middle ages and they used to stick small candles on the nails of their thumbs when they read prayers in the early mornig and late evening... who knows, they might jsut as well have done it for the fun ^^

sjon says:

running away from Feiht so Leaf, Ayne and the sceleton are running in the same direction with Myhrad trying to keep up.

adae says:

Hahahahahaha lol This is one of the best comics ever! Alien, I like how you drew Feiht in the last frame I also like the profiles of Ayne and Leaf in the 5th frame. I am terrible at drawing profiles...

Mooncalw says:

*snort* HeeHee, silly Feiht, thought a walking skeleton would be very scary in a dark cave. Well at least they found Feiht. Also that candle, it looks like it's about to burn Ayne's hand. Great strip, can't wait till the next one!

Beacon says:

The only time I actually spilled wax on my hand was at a summer camp's candlelight vigil. While walking, I stumbled, and the collected liquid wax spilled on to my hand. It hurt like hell, although I think the wax's quick cooling rate helped alleviate the pain rather quickly. I don't know about you, Feldar, but I don't have much hair on the back of my hand, and since I was 12 at the time, I didn't have any at all.

OWK says:

Elven candles are like elven rope. Tough.
You have to be *polite* and ask it to go out...

evilangle says:

my brather spilt wax on his hand once he said it hurts worse then hitting your hand with a hammer agnist a rock

Celebrian says:

hot wax is fun & worth the pain, but i don't find it particularly painful

evilangle says:


Moonclaw says:

I know, I've already reviewed, but...
Happy Easter Mithandir and Alien!

Dan says:

Actually, if its a *real* candle thats made of wax or stearin it would not hurt particularly much at all, they burn at such low temperatures. Now candles that have "modern" additions to them can be quite a bit worse since those tend to burn at much higher temperatures though.


doesn't leaf ever get cold. can I buy pixie majic, perhaps?

Bubbles says:

Oooh...I love peeling wax off a things...when glue spills on my desk I leave it and pick it during math...

bookbook says:

is leaf pointing at US?

JuneBug says:

Magic IS fun.
Umm. And btw, evilangle, how would your brother know what it felt like to hit his hand against a rock with a hammer? Who would do that?
Or do I not want to know...

JuneBug says:

Leaf wants YOU to join!

Ultrainventor says:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't remember reading this one!

hailstorm says:


Bregenor says:

Definitely Feiht

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