Pixie in a thinker's town
Chasing the Sunset
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ivellios says:

feiht is so gullable

ivellios says:

btw was this update late caus it normaly updates at 5:00 but when i commented it was 7:00

JonMW says:

ivellios, this comic has been on "unknown" for a long time now.

Damn those Pixie-privileges... getting to go "screech" even in the air like that...

FragFrog says:

Well, Mithrandir does claim it was on time... And the site indeed was offline when I checked, but maybe he sabotaged the DNS himself... *starts unraveling conspiracy theories* ^_^

I want to learn that screeech-air thingie though, so cool! Just wondering what they'll do now, since capturing a pixie still is quite tricky...

Tualha says:

There's something incredibly funny about Feiht screeching to a halt in midair :)

Tsurwen says:

Sweet, another way to catch my own pixie. Soon my dream to learn from the Masters of Annoyance will come true!

Screeeching in mid air...Wow I think my brain broke trying to figure out the pysics of that.

Dersi says:

Maybe she screeched to the wall?

Arithon says:

Never ever let a pixie into a palace for they well steal everything in it and they will steal the crowns, and probably play a prank on the king and queen, therefore making the friends of the pixies get thrown in jail or beheaded.

Riverting says:

New Comic! Yay! ^_^

*snickers* I wonder how the people would react to Feiht's pranks and taking their shinies . . .

LadyPhoenix says:

Hehe, silly fairy.

eekee says:

Dig the mid-air screech! I want an excuse for my role-playing characters to do that. ^_^

I like Dersil's technique too, lol.

Moonclaw says:

^_^ I like the 5th panel, kindof reminds me of a superpower. 'My shiney sense it tingling' Nice strip, can't wait till the next one. By the way, how was the Clickburg fair?

Pixie Slayer says:

I like the bard's sense of humor- turn the pixie loose and watch the people run! Or whatever.

What do philosophers do to out-of-control pixies?

*wonders if the adjective mightn't be redundant*

JonMW says:

It's easy to catch a pixie, just tell them that you have something invisible and shiny in this cage...

Laewen says:

"the people here reacact somewhat different that most" hmm.. wonder what that means.

sjon says:

Not unlike summoning a demon, just the right words and poof, the master of chaos comes. Controling is a bit more difficult.

Does a creeeching stop in the air leave somting like 'tiremarks'?

ivellios says:

i think he says they react diffrent because seing as they study alot they would probly have some elven texts on non-humanoid sentient beings so they might know that pixies exist and thus could see her so he would think the fleeing masses funny to watch then again so would i until i realised there was a pixie nearby and how many people would be crushed to death when they fell over or couldnt keep up but if the armsmen were at the back all that would be left would be actualy i shouldnt continue this caus i would describe it very Gruesomely

Zeanana says:


The Blog underneath this comic ... is there something messed up with the site?
It shows them from March from the date and everything and.... I"m slightly confused ... where are all the Blogs from like about the new stuff and stuff? *scratches head*

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

I sense shinies! Lets go to palace! The palace has shinies!Palacepalcceshiniespalaceshiniessparklespalacejewelsyayshiny!

Flora says:

I just love Feiht's pose in panel 6 (last one) and the screech in mid air like there was really something to slow down on.

... says:

Funny that noone commented on the dust cloud yet...

Nao says:

I think the illogic of it made it something everyone just didn't want to think about.... :-)

Sitara says:

hm, I saw the blog get wierd yesterday, too. So it's not just me.

Heh, it's not so difficult. Feiht was moving so fast, she had to stop suddenly. The jolt of the motion shook off all the dust that was on her and her shineys, making them shinier than ever! Bet they taught her that in pixie school.
The screech--it's a high-frequency sonic boom due to the sudden deceleration. You know, just like supersonic planes. Pixie transport could be a major business in the world that is, if only they could think of one shiny-less destination for more than a few seconds. Then again, we could have Leaf suggest a few methods of harnessing pixie power.

The question that leaves is: how in the world did Feiht hear him from as far off as she had to be if she needed supersonic travel to get back?

Pixie Slayer says:

She's a pixie, she can hear anything from anywhere so long as it has to do with shinies! (And apparently not what has to do with shiners until Ayne gets REALLY mad.)

Windseeker says:

Pixies are not bound by physics. They are much like cartoons or Bugs Bunny and can defy the laws of reality. Maybe modern cartoons are the work of pixies......maybe? *grins*

Phoebe says:

So, basically, to lure a pixie you say this:

"Hey, let's go to the jewelers! I hear he has a secret vault of sparkly diamonds in his back room."

(Feiht zooms by)

Aha. It does work.

...... says:

Come with me, pixie!

I bescreech thee!

Bubbles says:

She can hear anything around the world as long as it has to do with shinies?! Woah maybe she can scan different channels like a walkie-talkie till she finds one about shinies! Shiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies!

Ramani says:

Well, Feiht does have those big ear/antenne things. Mabye those act as a shineyness radar!

Lone Star says:

All I would have to do to get pixies to fight in a war would be to throw glitter grenades at the enemy... Feiht: "Shiiiiinnyyy..." *flies off at the cloud of glitter*

JuneBug says:

Well, THAT was easy.

hailstorm says:


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