Tales by the sunset
Chasing the Sunset
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Oberon says:

Greeting from a neighbour (only a few blocks away :) ) i realy love the comic and can hardly wait to hear/read the story of how leaf and myrad met :)

Pixie Slayer says:

lol! Leaf looks so surprised in Frame 5! I love it!

Lae says:

we get to hear how leaf and Myhrad met!!!

adae says:

I like the title Tales by the Sunset.

Flora says:

I like panel 4. I have a question though... What programs or utinsils do you use to color this? By the way im exited to know about Leaf and Myhrad's Meeting.

Flora says:

By the way... Get better everyone. My your hearts lead you down the right path and may your lunch pails forever be filled with cookies.

Check this Out! It is A pic of Alien's that I colored on MS Paint. It looks kinda chppy but thats because paint doesnt save JPG'S to well.


Nao says:

Nice setup... I've been waiting for this.

JonMW says:

And to think, it was just yesyerday that I read your hint that this side-story was being saved for a flashback sometime

JonMW says:

Spelling corrections: "yesyerday" -> yesterday.
And a period at the end would be good, too.

midgee. says:

-overwhelmed with excitement, the pixie faints-

RainShine says:

YAY! This will be fun. :D

RainShine says:

Oh yeah, and since that was my first comment, I just wanted to say that your comic rocks! :D Thanks for doing it for us fans. :D

crazyninny says:

PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't belive we'er gona learn how they meet!! It's so soon!! *camps out on the site* These tents are hard to put up...

Eraikei W. O. says:

I guess he was just kidding about Ayne and Leaf being prisoners, huh?
Yay, we get to learn how Leaf and Myhrad met!
I love how you guys colored the sky in panel 6. I don't shade very well. ^_^;

Moonclaw says:

Yay! We get to find out how Myhrad and leaf meet! Exallent strip, love the background in panel 4. Can't wait till the next strips!

Squeakers says:

Yay! Can't wait to hear this story!

JonMW says:

Of course, Leaf might somehow wimp out of telling the story...

*knock on wood*

Flora says:

I think they are still "prisoners" but the old man wants to know how leaf and the dragon met to learn how kind this dragon may be... If he can trust them or not ya know.

Elys says:

yay! finally gonna hear this! very curious now... :)

... says:

Background yay!

"A few weeks isn't far enough back, tell me how you met the dragon."
"Uh, actually that was the week before..."

Bubbles says:

wwwwwwwwwhipooo! wots the parsing took mean?

JuneBug says:

Story Time!!!!

TheNextTaggerung says:

my bunny wants to listen too.
() ()
( \/ )

hailstorm says:


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