The dark forest
Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:


Alric says:

Hmm, who thinks Myhrad saves Leaf from the snake?

Eraikei W. O. says:

Ah, the poor little chibis look terrified... They're so cute though...

Michelle says:

Aww! So cute! I love all the little details and stuff. ^^

Kitten says:

I love the way they are both looking around, and at an animal, and at the scary hands of a tree. Love the setup.
And the owl's head is clowing! Cuuute!

Pulsy says:

Wow, another masterpiece... i love how both of them look scared because of nightfall and the freightning animals. Never realised they were so alike :)

LEit says:

It is very impressive how clear the story is without any text. Good work guys.

Midgee says:

poor scared little chibis!!! who wants to bet leaf save myhrad from snake?

Black Mantha says:

Don't think so. Why would a snake go in persuit of something so much bigger than itself?
This page reminds me of a rule of films: There is always some light. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to see the darkness.

sjon says:

hedgehogs, snakes, owls, squirels, looming shadows, ... I love the forest at night.
Not a place for lost kids though.

Stormdancer says:

Hurrah for the recovered drive, Mithandir! That's great! Now... BACK IT ALL UP RIGHT NOW! :>

I like the composition of today's strip - the way the panels aren't quite the same... and it's not obvious if their size is a mirror top to bottom. You've really gotten good at conveying a lot, just with expressions and body language - I can tell this is a very successful experiment for you. You were already good at it, but... definitely getting better!

Moonclaw says:

Eep! its a dark and scary forest. Aww, both are so cute. But Leaf kindof looks like he's flotting above the ground.

GoddessOfEmus says:

one word: ADORABLE!!!!!

Ladyfox says:

Nah... Myrhad won't save Leaf from the snake,... Leaf will save Myrhad from the bat and the hedgehog! :)

MB says:

Awww ... They're both so little and scared-looking. Cute.

Phoebe says:

(Little baby things are so CUTE!)

Dundun dundun...dundun dundun-DUN!


What is that bright shining birdy thingomogig in panel one? It kind of has a jet trail.....
The little animals are so cute, which includes myhrad and (i guess) leaf.

Aerinelf says:

*gasp* Agh! It's ANOTHER squirrel! RUN AWAY!!!

Bastet says:

That's the moon.

Bubbles says:

The moon doesnt look like a squirrel-i'm confused.
Wots with the blood.

Thekid-cat says:

The moon doesn't look like a squirrel at all, and a squirrel doesn't look like a bat!

-Norbert- says:

That's no blood (if you mean panel 2) that's the mushrooms you see in panel 1 shown from above.
Yay, first appearance of Scramper!

TheNextTaggerung says:

scramper has a horn.
hee- glowing owl...

hailstorm says:

myrd is sutch a cute baby and the owl has a gloing head

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