Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Elves never really stop grieving their lost ones. Death is a rare event in their kin.

krazzy says:

imagen how many elves die of sadness from a war!!!!:(

Feldar says:

Do elves ever die of sadness because an elf has died of sadness?

Alien says:

Yes. Elves don't often die of sadness if they have someone left to hang on to, but it happens. And they definitely try to avoid wars...

the krud says:

it's so cool how Feight rides Myhrad!

Sesshi says:

Feiht's hair colour mysteriosly changes in the first panel o_O.

Ayrin says:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Leaf's mother did become a unicorn? Maybe she would have wings.

Jennifyr says:

Well, Myhrad did only show up after Leaf's mother died...dun dun DUN...

Flaming Mono says:

reincarnation pwns

Squirt says:


Squirt says:

Just to Flaming Mono

*Skittles* says:

'pwns' means owns. Flaming Mono, do you read Muse?

Attacking Pixie says:

I do.

Goldenear777 says:

"Didn't you say we'd ge lost with you you?"
"I never said you wouldn't get lost with me."

That's funny. Also, how do you italics on a PC?

Ultrainventor says:

Mhyrad was already about fifty years old when leaf's mom died.

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