Pixie power!
Chasing the Sunset
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adae says:

First comment! this is weird. I'm never first comment. "she stole your necklace again you know" hee hee

Pulsy says:

Look at Myrhad spreading his wings when he needs to jump at the king! That could be the first step towards flying ^^ Feiht is so funny being ... well, being a pixie :D

Eraikei W. O. says:

Heh... Guess she did forget about the king, eh?

crazyninny says:


eekee says:

*sigh* I wondered. :) (panels 2 & 3)

Skreyola says:

ROFL! I knew something like that would happen when she hugged him. :)

Chevette Girl says:

That look on Ayne's face in the second panel is absolutely priceless...

CloudySky says:

I love Feiht in the third panel :)

Dark Flame says:

To Feight, the king exists only as long as her attention span does, not very long at all.

YukiNeko says:

i'm kinda hoping Leaf snaps out of this before too long, even though he looked really nice, all sad n'stuff, in the last panel.

dragonqueencr says:

omg i lov ethe look on the king's face on pannel 4. it looks like he just had a heart attack!

dragon egg says:

pixie memery, *sigh*. remember that pixies have short atention spans, it's what ceeps them ever young... so fight must be about three secounds old at all times...

Moonclaw says:

LOL!How does she do it? Great strip!

Squeakers says:

That is the cutest and sneakiest thing I have ever seen. I love it!

Bubbles says:

Heyo this site is loading much quicker on my comp than it you jull e does!

Umm... says:

FeFeiht a pick pocket... ah.... pick neck? UMMMMMMMMMM....

Lone Star says:

dragon egg-
I'd say they're about a minuite old at mosrt.

Black*magic*girl says:

she is cute when she is being caring but that sentimental feeling wears off once she steals his necklace- agian

Mogget's Little Sister says:

bard's eyes are really big...

JuneBug says:

Short attention-span much?

aj26 says:

Feiht next time you dangle someone from a tall building make sure hes on his feat when you let them go even if the face they make is funny.

aj26 says:

here's a hug so i can steal your necklace- er i mean to make it all beter.

hailstorm says:

oh fieht you'll never change

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