Nice Danger
Chasing the Sunset
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Killer Wombat says:

Yay new update.

ivellios says:

yay an update now if only my internet was working at proper speed

Sabreur says:

Poor Leaf. He\'s having to learn a lot about people in a very short amount of time, and he doesn\'t look like he\'s enjoying it too much.

ivellios says:

oh and btw IM BACK AT LAST but with this updating again i wont have as much time to work out the webcomics i\'ve forgoten but i like the glowing belt

sjon says:

But first the king must explain what he is hiding.

Moonclaw says:

*gulp* maybe Cynthia is a exsortist. I\'m so glad you guys are back. Huggles for very one!

Pixie Slayer says:

What is he hiding? I would have said the pixie, but she\'s already met Feiht. Guess it must be the furies.

Thena says:

Welcome back, guys. Alien, I hope you get better soon.

ShadowDancer says:

YAY!!!! New comic :) I think the king is talking about the Furies.

Arithon says:

Maybe Lady is possesed or secertly is a priest or leader that is a leader of an army of hamsters! (Sorry I had WAY to much sugar today...)

Elemnar says:

Yay for the new comic :)

Pumpkin says:

Yay! Welcome back, thank you for the new comic, we love you guys! ^^ (Maybe I shouldn\'t speak for everyone...)

eekee says:

Hrm. Whatever\'s wrong, the lady doth be dangerous.

xander says:

yes - even the kindest of people can be dangerous. The king probably means the Furies. which, if you look at his statement, also includes Leaf. Think about it; Leaf is ordinarily one of the nicest elves, but the furies make him incredibly dangerous (all the more so because he apparently has trouble controlling them). Poor Leaf.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Like many things, they can be nice, but that doesn\'t stop them also being dangerousssss *Grins a a very large feline grin, like the Cheshire-cat\'s but more ganged, and then mews like a kitten* Mew?

Qzole says:

It\'s good that you are back, best wishes. For the comic: Cynthia could be someone who tries to use furies to accomplish her evil masterplans??? Or is it just me who thiks she is sooo evil? :P Well if we think she is the leader of the witches guild...

Eikan says:

whoo!! ^o^ ....yea, if she found out about the furies... *shudder* ^___^

Shadow Firelaw says:

Witches = good, sexist healer stereotypes = bad.

dragonqueencr says:

And now for a break in the seriousness: Is it just me or is that blue outfit with gold accents that she is wearing the new black because a lot of other people are wearing it.

Lady Calie says:

Great comic so far. Keep up the good work.

Chevette Girl says:

Good to see you back!

crazyninny says:

Yes.... Fear the glowy blet.... *evil*

Arithon says:

I agree she doth be dangerous, and welcome back. Huzzah for Mithandir and Alien. Oh and Mithandir say to Alien if he doesn\'t see this, that I hope that he feel better soon *Huggles Alien to make him feel better*

Phoebe says:

Uh - oh... Lady Cynthia is up to N-O good.

sjon says:

mayhap the lady doth be a furie ...

sister says:

welcome back to both of you! *big hug* this is really intriguing, I wonder what she is!

Queenie J says:

Look, Alien and Mithrandir, I\'m having CtS withdrawal. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Where is Ayne? What does his Majesty mean about hiding anything? See what I mean?

Lee says:

\"Back to Work\": Yay! Great to know you\'re well, and looking forward to the new strips and mysterious extras.

Lithorien says:

*meows* Poor Leaf. He\'s getting a crash course in diplomacy. *licks paws, waits patiently for more of the good story to unravel*

Bubbles says:

Oooh...maybe she's a...a mean evil ugliness person in disguise! Then leaf should watch out. But the plot's SO GREAT

hailstorm says:

ah non secret keeping person

Lokitf says:

I think that "my scries doth have told me about" is incorrect elizabethan grammar.

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