Power behind the council
Chasing the Sunset
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beltirabelkira says:

omg lol thats so funny just using the council like that hehe guess it helps to be ancient sometimes.

Killer Wombat says:

Oh I can\'t wait to hear a bit more about the furies.

ivellios says:

aah the perks of being an elven historian among humans you can blackmail them without them even knowing

sjon says:

Hmm, classic politics. They write their own history and convince others it\'s the truth.

songbird says:

ha ha! this is always so funny! I guess he really is the dark person pulling the strings... except in the form of a hirtorian... or something...

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

HAHAHAHAHA! This such a good strip... I suppose that is the advantage of being ancient in comparison to humans.

LadyPhoenix says:

Love the strip, as always! :) As i said last strip, i think you\'ve gotten the poses and body language down perfectly!

Queenie J says:

Well, if they deny FALM (Feiht, Ayne, Leaf, Myrhad) passage, then they\'ll know what happens, no? And as for our lovely Ms. Bard over there, isn\'t it a bit OBVIOUS that Feiht will abuse her invisibility? I mean, she\'s a pixie, she likes stealing things, and there\'s things she wants. Q.E.D. Of course Leaf walks without malice! Stop insulting my intelligence, will you?

Moonclaw says:

^_^ I love the 4th and 6th panel where he grabs his braid and then kind of tickles his face with it. Great strip, Good plans, to make the council embarassed so that they\'ll give up the papers.

GoddessOfEmus says:

LOLOL!!! okay, i love this page. ^^

Pulsy says:

Wow a new one again already! And high quality as usual! You guys are doing great !!

Squeakers says:

Lol to funny.

Mimir says:

Born politicians, the lot of em!

eekee says:

Hehe, good stuff ^_^ Thanks for the avatars too!

Skreyola says:

Excellent! Very funny.

Pumpkin says:

Avatars, yay! Thank you ^^

Bubbles says:

Hahahaha luvs last panel.

Bubbles says:

uh...what's that one url 4 cts where it's like dragon boom fall .org?! I forget these things sorry.

elvenfairy says:

love the last comment!

JuneBug says:

It reminds me of the story 'The Emperors New Clothes'
"They'll be too embarassed to admit they don't know."
lollollol XP

TheNextTaggerung says:


Rose says:

re-reading. I like how he's playing with the end of his braid. You never really grow out of it, do you? ;)

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