Credibility? What credibility?
Chasing the Sunset
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Asanthai says:

actually saw it count down and say NOW!! woot...
...ok so I have no life ;-)
and oddly enough she tells the truth..

miriya says:

Are all of these true? I don't remember any frogs...

Squeakers says:

To cute. I love it that only part of it is probably true or in some round about way it's all true and she doesn't believe it.

Odo says:

"Only half of what I say is true." -- the Golux
Go Feiht!
She's not stupid. Just chaotic. And she likes Leaf.

Black Mantha says:

Remember the "traditional amazon greeting"?

MB says:

So, I'm assuming the witch lady has nothing to go on and can't act against Leaf? ^^ Heh heh ... Thank goodness for pixies.

EdorFaus says:

Hmm. I see only one falseness in all of that, and it can be argued that it's not really a lie, just an exaggeration...
The rest is all true, at worst some of it is irrelevant, exaggerated, or put in a way that implies something that it shouldn't. Actually, most of it implies things it shouldn't. :)

Way to go, Mith! Very well written, not only is the dialogue believably Feiht, yet true, but it's also obvious why Lady Cynthia doesn't believe her. :D

Our merry little band /has/ been through quite a lot of amazing things, haven't they? :)

EdorFaus says:

MB: Oh, she's got quite a lot to go on, but believes she doesn't - which creates a nice side-effect, now that she's heard it and made up her mind - namely that even if she hears it again later from more trustworthy sources, she's not going to believe it. She'll just think they've bought Feiht's 'story'. :)

Pulsy says:

If she tells it like that, it really doesn't make any sense XD. Noone sane would believe it indeed. Yet somehow all these things happened and were believeable at the time. I love how this comic has a continuous story while staying funny every time ^^

augdog20 says:

look her belt

Moonclaw says:

(let's off a sigh of relieve.) It seems that Cynthia dosn't believe Feiht. That's good.
Great strip!

Chrinos says:

Reminds me of a dwarf who described an event as "it was light, it was dark, it was light, it was dark, it was light, it was dark, it was light, I froze me nuts off" An accurate description of the number of times he got knocked out, woke up, and was finally dunked in ice, but seemed totally meaningless.

Pixie Slayer says:

I think Feiht did that deliberately, but I fear giving Cynthia the idea might not have been good... never underestimate the determination of an annoying person to be annoying.

Pumpkin says:

I'm just curious what Feiht had to drink and how much caffeine was in there. ;p

Darkwacky says:

No need to lie when the truth is so unbelievable!

SuperCat says:

lol my secrets are like that too... no one ever believes me either!

SuperCat says:

wait. frogs?

Nebra Reppalk says:

We usually burn witches in my realm, saves us alot of trouble.

Jacquee says:

I think Feiht abosolutely lovvvvvvvves the idea that she can gleefully say anything and everything she wants (including Leaf's darkest secret!) and not have anyone believe her. It's the ultimate trick on everybody!

Odo says:

Frogs -- strip 174 -- Gullible tourists.

Faticia says:

We burn witches in my realm as well. I am now starting to see the value in this practice.
That was great! Feiht told the straight truth, only exagerated it and now nobody believes any of it! She just made herself invaluable!

Master_click says:

When you guys burn the witch can you send the movie to me????
(I think they should put "Tastes like chicken in a comic being spoken by a chicken

UechiFighter says:

doesn't everything taste like chicken BUT chicken?

Master_click says:


Blik says:

Feiht. Is. AWESOME!!

My favourite image is in panel 1: "Scheming Fingers" lol!

DragonRyder says:

The funny thing is, all of this is true!

Queenie J says:

Lady Cynthia looks up to no good. Neither does Feiht. Not surprised about the pixie, though.

Me says:

What about the open gate though? I can't remember that one.

DMFox says:

she's good for her own way

Pixie Slayer says:

Possibly something to do with the way they entered the Amazon lands? Where Ayne scolded Leaf for having them scale the wall when they could have just found the secret door? That's the only thing I can think of it.

oyofmidworld says:

oyofmidworld says:

any one who no one belives is either a pixie, a habituala liar or a homicidal chicken/spi

Master_click says:

Not all pixies are habituala liars or homicidal chickens/spis to quote oyofmidworld just 99.0999999999999999% are

Coyote says:

Ah, finally caught up again. :)

Coyote says:

Re: the open gate -
remember Laeshorrond?

DragonRyder says:

Feight Sure is an ego freak. "sometimes he can even survive without my help for a few minutes!" Uhhg.

Ebeth says:

yay feiht saves the day!

Me loves feiht...if i were in this comic i would totally be a pixie. :D

Why is the belt glowing? Does that have some evil magical significance or am i just being paranoid?

Me says:

Ah. The big gates that can't be closed. I forgot about those. Thanks.

Mithandir says:

Mithandir says:

open gate of course, not empty

Ninja Girl says:

I love Feiht!

Yay! the belt is all glowy again.

... says:

Wait, he can make hands go boom?

Ah, the perils of run-on sentences!

Bubbles says:

True nice links. Nooooooo feiht. When you tell all those things about leaf he sounds pretty evil!

elvenfairy says:

Oh man, I couldn't stop laughing durring this!!! The best part was taht she was telling the whole truth, but no one will believe her!

JuneBug says:

"nobody ever believes me anyway."
lol XD

TheNextTaggerung says:

collapses laughing at the idea of being possessed by frogs

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