Timelapse: The party's end
Chasing the Sunset
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Pixie Slayer says:

Love it! Good work!

Killer Wombat says:

Haha How Feiht get that tyre around lady Cynthia without her noticing straight away?

Asanthai says:

watched it count down again... hrm.. maybe if I did my homework instead of watching that clock.......
heh... feiht's hoard got claimed :D
lol... saw that one coming... I mean, how long did she really think that bright glowing belt would last aroung that pixie...

Chariset says:

Grey unicorn window!

Blik says:

Well, who knew that Mithandir and Alien could succumb to peer pressure? Not that I'm arguing in any way, shape, or form. But--
OOOH!! Shiny!!
Wha-? Oh! Anyway, I'm glad that Feiht FINALLY purloined Lady Cynthia Forthswith's glowing Shiny.
And Ja'el. Is. AWESOME!! I hope our intrepid heros will stick around long enough so he can receive adequate screen time.

Elemnar says:

I've been waiting for Feiht to steal the belt ever since it turned up in the comic XD

Pulsy says:

Whahahahaha, that tire replacing the belt is SO funny XD.

Moonclaw says:

Aww I love that room! But a sleeping couch and a bed in the same room? Myhrad looks so cute. Good job!

Darkwacky says:

On of the best strips yet! Definately going to be a clasic. Is that a goodyear?

Chrinos says:

The question is, "Where did she get a motorcycle tire in a world that uses wooden wheels?" Still hilarious though.

Mia says:

... Doesn't dragons sleep on gold to grow a bunch? Tough match, a pixie versus a sleeping dragon... The sleep hard! Buy pixies are... Pixies!

Mia says:

Er, they

DragonRyder says:

note to ayne: I think the pink one is the bed.... I think...?

Nebra Reppalk says:

As a dwarf it's my sacred duty to "rescue" gold from dragons. In this case I'll make an exception.

Pumpkin says:

3 cheers for feiht! the belt is gone! (who else would take it). such a wonderful strip too ^^

ShokBaton says:

That Rocks! I love Ja'el!

nadialy says:

haha, love it. About time that belt dissapeared

Queenie J says:

I'm using Ja'el's methods. Boo yah! Lady Cynthia can't do the punk girl thing, she's not Exene Cervenka, and I can totally understand Ayne's confusion. Poor kid. Love the detail on this strip, as well as the lettering.

Merlinangel says:

love the grey unicorn tapestry... good job, you guys

SuperCat says:

Feiht! fight back! Wake up Pixie, he stole you rSHinees!!! i KNEW that her belt wouldn't last long. Dragons must sleep very soundly if they can fall asleep on a PIXIES hoard...

Ebeth says:

Yay the shiny belt's gone!
Love the tire thing. :D lol
Ja'el is way cool. Me loves.

patchwork zombie says:

in the second picture panel do you notice the tree with the glowing bracelet pointing toward somthing?

Lee says:

I think that's actually a statue and the glowing thing is a light fixture.

Rampant says:

Thats a lamp on a statue.

MB says:

Heh ... ^^* To add insult to injury, after the party, it was probably said of Forthswith that she was starting to carry around a little spare tire about the waist ...
Well done, Feiht.

dragonqueencr says:

I hope Feight turns myrad pink again and where did she get that tire from?

dragon egg says:

HAHA!!! go hitorians!!! haha!

Empress Catriona of the Cat-people says:

I like that historian, and Lady Forsthwith finally got pixied. I

Pulsy says:

This comic cracks me up every time, and
LOL @ the expression in the comment above this one: "got pixied" XD.

Wildy says:

I wonder when Ja'el's necklace is going to dissapear?

Narissona says:

I think the pink one is the bed. I really doubt Ayne would want to sleep in that "bed".

AnyaStyrzod says:

Ha! Knew Feiht would do something to that belt eventually. SHINEE!!

Flaming Mono says:

Obviously, Feiht went into the future and grabbed a tire from an unsuspecting motorist.

Bubbles says:

Hahahaha luvs this one! Hahahahahaha!

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

answer to anye's q.: the one that leaf's in!!!!!hhahahahahahah

Lone Star says:

Which one IS the bed?!

JuneBug says:

I'm surprised that Lady Cynthia's belt lasted this long...
If I was Feiht, I would have taken it long ago.

JuneBug says:

I think that it's just a grey horse...
It can't be a unicorn, it doesn't have a horn.

TheNextTaggerung says:

I think that the pink one is the bed but I personally would sleep on the couch.

Absconder says:

It just me, or is Myrhad acting more dragonlike with every comic? I mean, he's sleeping on a pile of treasure!

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