Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Leaf and Ayne are drawn differently in each of the first frames. Not easy to spot on Ayne.

krazzy says:

alien has anyone ever told you you work to hard???

King of Shadows says:

I've got it! Irony must torture her so because she thinks she is perfect, at least here she does.

Nova says:

leaf is definitely the girl in this comic
he is not only prettier than ayne, but shorter and more naive as well

the krud says:

don't diss Leaf! she..i mean..he rules!

Boline says:

I dont think she mend to be mean. Really.

Lady Sol says:

Being short and naive does not make leaf a girl. Girls and guys are both capable of being extremely unaware of the ways of the world

Snake says:

I realy wish people would stop saying Leaf is a girl, I know he doesnt look it but the story makes it clear he is a boy. and it is raher iratating to see "ooo Leaf is a girl" over and over. and I'm sure the author and artist would agree

Squirt says:

about the short and tall thing... there's a boy Who is/was in my class and he's the shortest person and the tallest is a girl.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I resent that, Nova! Nice tree on the troll's nose. ;)

Lee says:

Lone Star says:

HEY! I'm a girl and I am NOT naive!!

aj26 says:

Anye is really the naive one in this strip.

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