Hell's pixies
Chasing the Sunset
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Adreanna says:

Wow! I pressed bigger on the last comic just as the new one came up.
That was weird... I got a different big comic from the small one!

DragonWriter says:

Now THAT is cute.


Adreanna says:

I love the way the cat Ayne hissed at is trying to escape up a tree in frame 5!

Gez says:

For those who, like the pixie on the orange kitty, wonder:

clowder of cats
clutter of cats
glaring of cats
pounce of cats
dout of cats (house cats)
nuisance of cats (house cats)
kendle of cats (kittens)
kindle of cats (kittens)
litter of cats (kittens)
destruction of cats (wild cats)

Furia Firelander says:

Sure, wild cat's :D, give us more pixies, and now i come to think of it, where is Feiht?

Sitara says:

O_O So many cat groups. Nice choice of group name, though. It's entirely appropriate.

Osk says:

1 kitten, a pack of kittens, right?

Anyway, they did get ayne's bow and pack, or it is simply on the ground

Machiavellian says:

Well... at least their not satanic kittens.... though I'd prefer satan spawned ones to pixie ridden ones.

Mithandir says:

Thanks to Reinder for contributing the dialogue in the last two frames (I only changed it slightly). As Gez mentioned, \"destruction of cats\" is alledgedly the correct name for a group of wild cats. While apropriate, even wikipedia ahs its doubt about that list ... But it\'s still fun :)

Necomancer says:

...You never cease to come up with ideas that trigger my OMGAWSOME reflex. Pixies riding kittens. Pure gold.

Cerulean Lion says:


DragonFire says:

Look at the dragon ahah hes hideing behind leaf heh!

hes scared by kittens!

Ivellios says:

hey i just noticed that the white cat doesn't have anypixie on it

Pulsy says:

awwww kitties! So incredibly cute! Leaf seems pretty scared of them in panel 3 actually :P

Romkira says:

Can't resist the cuteness!!! So adorable.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Hell's Pixies? LOL. Can't kittens (and pixies) cause enough damage and chaos without help? Alien draws really, really cute cats! ^_^ And poor Myhrad fell off the bank in Panel 3. This comic has an incredible CQ! (Cuteness Quotient) This could get very interesting...
P.S. I like the mushrooms. Especially the ones with the cup-shaped caps.

Queenie J says:

Really, really, cute. I mean, the little cats are great! And Ayne's "Hsss!" expression is on the mark. Leaf doesn't do much here, but that's Leaf for you. Sigh.

Arya says:

Ohhhhh, that is sooooo cute!!! I like the idea of kittens. At first, I thought the pixeis would be rideing in cars of somthing. I guess that would be a bit too modern, but the kitten idea is so sweet. Love the comic.

bookbook says:

OK, who here is an active cat lover besides me? Soooooo cute!

Furia Firelander says:

Alien and Mithandir, cuuld i please use the idea of pixies luring people in the swamps in a campaign of mine?

Lounge Lizard says:

Hells Pixies!?!?!?! ROTFL. Ok, now my coworkers offically think I am weird. I just fell out of my chair as I was laughing so hard. I have to be careful about that......They may stop letting me read webcomics while on the clock.

My ex had 3 cats, Chaos, Havoc, and Destruction.

zanarkrimshot says:


Tealya says:

Squeee! They're so cute!

Panitek says:

If leaf did something it might onvolve the furies than we would have a combustion of cats. As for the plural of kittens,, how about a Kitten Kaboodle?

PrancyPranceUnicorn says:

Kittens of DOOM!

Nebra Reppalk says:

You know, this suddenly sparks memories of the old Muse, dog/cat wars culminating in the hot-pink bunny invasion.
But I admit it is a very interesting idea, yet I am not surprised in the least.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Cats? What a surprising twist of humor! Nice artwork on this one, Alien! The cats look superb. I like the gray cat in the last panel. It's the oh-so-innocent *Who, me?* look all cats learn at birth.*Typical!*

FireBall says:

Aw... Kittens :)

Panel 5 looks quite nice, too :)

dragonqueencr says:

Hell's Pixies and thier destruction of cats?
shouldn't it be hells pixies and the cat of destruction?

dragonqueencr says:


The Kitten Collective says:


Moonclaw says:

Awww! How cute!

Blue River says:

Just one? Can I have just one kitty,PWEASE?

shineeeeeeyyyyy says:

Hi Blue River I still wantt the orange kitten and you can't steal it.

Draginladee says:

While I do like cats (and kittens) considerably, I quite often get into a hissy fight with them. Rather like Ayne in Panel 4...

DragonFire says:

WHAT THE wheres the dragoin in the first panel?!?! and suddenly he reapears ibn the 2nd panel

DragonFire says:

not 2nd i mean 3rd

Reinder says:

You can actually see Myhrad's snout hanging over Ayne in panel 1. By panel 3 he's fallen off the ledge.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Just noticed how *fierce* and *awesome* Aynes "HSSSSSSS" face is...

emeraldcat says:




emeraldcat says:


Merlinangel says:

emeraldcat: yah...there's something about that in the background (dunno where, tho)
i love cats
this is a little like the Muse cat/dog wars....heheheh
good job. Ayne's expressions in f3 and f4 are great.

Draginladee says:

You know, emeraldcat, I didn't even think of that! But it makes so much sense that I'm crying from laughing so much here!

Draginladee says:

Hey Lightwing K'Sheyna, any way we could find another way to talk about our favourite author at all? I read Mercedes Lackey with a passion myself.

Draginladee says:

Lightwing, you can contact me sometime here, if you like.

Alien says:

We\'d be honoured if you use and get ideas from our work! Let us know how the game goes? :)

Draginladee says:


Wanderer says:

A collective of kittens? Oh... my... goodness... I MUST get Tangent to come review this comic at once...

Kitten says:

I just have to love this, don't I ^_~

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Sure, Draginladee! I love Mercedes Lackey's books, and she is one of my favorites.

Aerinelf says:

:3 Murrow! They're so cute! *huggles kittens*

Wildy says:

I was actually thinking that Leaf looked rather smitten in the 3rd panel... And this isn't anything like the dog/cat wars; there are no dogs and (thankfully) no hot pink bunnies. I love how the cat stops in its tracks in front of Ayne. Can the kittens fly, or is it the pixies? And I like the orange-ish cat's expression in the last panel.

Fantasyfanatic says:

Ohh, a fork. How cute. And i love panel 1, you can just imagine the sarcasm in her voice. I have come up with a nick name for leaf, Captain-Furie-posesed- elf-who-pionts-out-the-obvious-and-comes-up-with-the-the-most-interesting-plans-ever. Okay, so i need to work on it...

Chari says:

Is Myhrad actually hiding behind Leaf?

... says:

Smitten with kittens?

The Wootenator says:

SO many nerds.
I love it.

Arithon says:


Lone Star says:

0.o cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute kitties...

JuneBug says:

XD Sooooo Cuuuuute!

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