Locked in the void
Chasing the Sunset
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Osk says:

nice 1! first comment?

Osk says:

Yay! no, the question remains... where are we going to find any fey, and how do we prevent two pixies from robbing eachother

X-Kal says:

Why do I get the feeling that we're all going to have to rely on Feiht and Sohac to save the day?

That's alittle scary, but I could see it happening.

hkmaly says:

Hmmm . do we know the jewel sohac is stealing from feith ?

odo says:

Fey to the rescue! Fey FTW! Go Union Fey! (Umm... do I have that right?)

"Shiny like that" -- I love it as a comment.

In all seriousness, the two of you continue to cause me to check your site every day inhopes that there is a new strip posted.

Katkinkate says:

Isn't Ayne at least partly one of the Fey since she was accepted as Amazon.

Mithandir says:

Katkinkate: A bit, yes. The Amazons are Feytouched, while Elves are Feyborn. Ayne is both. Still, only full Fey (and some other creatures) can slip in and out of the void easily.

Alric says:

It's a medallion. You can find it using Feiht's other name which is "Hey! Give that back!" :D

elvenfairy says:

puttingfaith in freight to save Leaf from another realm?! She'd forget what she went there for in an instant! This could be fun

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Hey! Sohac's stealing Leaf's necklace from Feiht! give it back Sohac give it back!

AnyaDraconis says:

Hah. "He's shiny like that!" I'm totally going to say that to all my friends now. lol

Pulsy says:

pixies stealing from pixies ... not another trial i hope @.@ (even though i loved the first one :P) Oh and i know i already said it last comic, but i still absolutely love Rhymes hair ^^

Nebra Reppalk says:

Expeditions to the shadow-realms are not to be lightly undertaken. I fear pixies are not ideal for finding a lost soul.

Osk says:

do souls shine in the void? then its just hoping there arent too many

hkmaly says:

Alric: You mean there is searching in comics here ? Where ?

Chariset says:

Rhyme: Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we can revive Leaf. The bad news is that we'll have to depend on Feiht to do it.

bookbook says:


*Skittles* says:

Hmm... how 'dependable' is Sahoac?

Aerinelf says:

Ooh! *claps* New charrie! Goodie.

Awesome says:

[TerriblePun=on]Iff you send them, Fey will go![TerriblePun=off]

I really like Ayne's shading in the third panel, especially her arm.

Skreyola says:

Alric: I love the other name you have for Feiht. :)

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Hasn't this happened before? Leaf and the void, I mean. And, yeah, that is scary, X-Kal. But I think I agree.

Alric says:

Not my nickname I'm afraid. Searching can be done via the cast pages - they link to what chapters they are in. Check out the first meeting with Feiht to see where the nickname came from :)

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Leaf: What's your name?

Feiht: My name's Feiht, but most people just call me Hey! Give that Back!

Leaf: Why do they do-

(Feiht takes Leafs neclace (the same one Sohac's stealling now))

Leaf: Hey! Give that back!

X-Kal says:

I was wondering how long it'd take someone to notice that Sohac is actually carrying around Leaf's necklace.

hkmaly says:

Oh, Comics 29 .... but wasn't that one bigger ?

Silverwolf says:

Hmmm...didn't we have an Arya a while back?

Anyway, too bad we don't have any of the daoine sidhe. Human-sized, pointed-eared, winged, and a helluva lot more stable than a pixie. Ah, well, that would end the comic relief, so, guess we're going with feiht.

hailstorm says:


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