The Exorcists
Chasing the Sunset
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Alric says:

Is the comic page all blank? As in Void, or is it my browser?

Alric says:

Void, there's lots of Void. All I can see is Void. Void is just Nothing.

Mithandir says:

Fixed now, sorry :)

ivellios says:

I like that exorsism also first proper comment after comic fixed

Lone_Woulf says:

I'm a pixie jim, not a doctor!

Alric says:

Hey! I claim 1st post of comment. I saw the whole comic. First I saw Nothingness, the Void. Then appeared Pixies, and Furies and Leaf.

Sitara says:

Haha. I guess only two of you actually saw the entire comic. The rest of us will forever wonder about The First Frame.

Wanderer says:

Good pixies. Now fetch him back here before the annoying red things go after him again.

Chariset says:

Hey, Feiht! You'd better not try to steal those SHINY FURIES

JonMW says:

I'm not so sure if furies are classified as shiny - they seem to have something closer to a dull glow.
Otherwise, pixies would just spend their time sitting in old fires...

Retiarius says:

“Fore”? Pixies play golf? :P

I suppose that it would be a term they'd hear, though. The Law of Amusing Probability (“if it’s funny, it will happen, no matter how unlikely”) would mean that “Fore!” is the last thing a pixie would hear before batted out of the sky by a high-velocity shiny white ball.

In golf in this world, how many strokes do you take if your ball is lost by striking a pixie? Or can you take a mulligan? :P

The Indistringuishable Grog says:

Just remember folks! No powers in the void!

Tensko says:

Yay! leaf it saved!

X-Kal says:

You know... there's a couple things I've noticed going on recently...

1) What are the guards doing right about now? I don't think I saw them slip away or anything...

2) I betcha Feiht stole the staff during the last few panels.

Vulpis says:

Hmmm. Flaming naked elf.

Osk says:

no screamin? no pain? what kind of primitive exorcism is that!

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Wow, I'm actually rahter high up in terms of comments. Anyway, this isn't permanent, is it? This exorcism?

bookbook says:

wow... the background of panels 4-9 must have taken Alien FOREVER to do...
and since elves can't survive in the Void, won't Leaf go boomysplat now that the Furies are gone?

Lee says:

So it starts out as a white void and then turns into a pink void. I sense a pun in there somewhere.

Skreyola says:

I hope they didn't break him. Silly pixies! Get him out of the Void!

Kalietha says:

Hmm...if a pixie steals a fury, does the fury infect the pixie(very scary thought) or is the fury just furiously impotent?

Irish Drinker says:

Nah, I saw it.. but I thought it was my computer acting up again.. the whiteness of the void... it was very intesne...

Osk says:

i think pixies have too short attention spans to be interesting for furies

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sometimes the most simple and direct methods are the best. Now fetch m a bottle to put the Furies in...

Seaspray says:

I've just noticed something, Feiht's line in Panel Two...

Might that be the reason why most Fey prefer to stay in the void?

Sam U L says:

What flight?

Draconus says:

I'm reallt the watermelon. My comments always get blocked if i use the same screenname more than once.

Painted Cello says:

Did they exorcise the furies from the elf, or the elf from the furies? Leaf was /in/ the furies...

ivellios says:

well seeing as they are fleeing I think they exorcised him from them

eric bloedow says:

i don't think the furies are fleeing, they're just hovering nearby.
it's interesting that leaf seems to be back in his old "nightshirt" outfit. is that how he was dressed when he first met the furies?


yo yo people

chicken wings says:

i love chicken

pixie101 says:

hi or yo yo yo

Nebra Reppalk says:

Reppalk Family Recipie for Exorcisms:
One (1) Possessed person
Four (4) Oak cudgels
Four (4) Dwarves

Give oak cudgels to dwarves; have dwarves beat possessed person; continue to beat possessed person until demons/furies/spirits come out of possessed person.
If beatings fail to drive out demons, call cleric without delay.

Jynx says:

Is that why no one ever hears of Furies inhabiting dwarves? Because the said dwarves get killed off so fast the Furies get bored and go for a species more suseptable to them (aka human, and apparently elf)? Even though it doesn't seem to me that Leaf would be the optimum choice for a Fury. I'm taking a psychology course, so I've got to say Leaf has got to have a lot of hidden anger in him. Or do the Furies just go for anyone and then make that person angrey and all Fury-ish???*scratches head*

eric bloedow says:

if i remember, the furies got leaf because he was the first person foolish enough to be just outside the tower at night.
and he doesn't get angry easily, this is only the 3rd time he has gotten mad enough for the furies to influence him.

espademia says:

wow their plan woked. is leaf free from the furies now?

Mogget's Little Sister says:

naw Leaf wasn't the fist out of the tower! Fieht was!

they said leafs anger was "Pure"

bookbook says:

...i think the furies need to go to an anger management class. they can't just express their anger by inhabiting random people. it's not healthy.

dragonqueencr says:

Must I say it?
Leaf looks HOT

Bubbles says:

I forgot about how Lief was wearing his old outfit. The return of the teal dress! Er, ah.... heh-heh... I mean, 'Teal Tunic!'

Lone Star says:

A void, a void, my kingdom for a void!!

hailstorm says:

toodles furies

Silverwolf says:

I think they could have had better results with an astral fire extinguisher.

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