Variable Reality
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Lovely bith where Ayne is talking and the woman in the lavender dress is staring. Also has the best line of the strip. ...who do you think I'm going to believe.

Riverting says:

Woo! First comment! And no one knows who I am! =P Long time, very soldom spoken reader.

Love how Feiht and Sohac can have fun without even trying. ^_^

Riverting says:

Awwwe, dang. Thought I was the first. Oh well. ^_^

Odo says:

We can share, I think.

Pulsy says:

Awwwh Rhyme is so cute! Look at her laugh ^^ /blush !

Mithandir says:

I used a new shading technique on this one, does it show? It takes quite a bit longer to do, do you guys think the results are worth it?

Termas says:

...Leaf's hair...

*Skittles* says:

Yes, leaf's hair. Umm...

*Skittles* says:

Yes, I love the shading!

MadMann135 says:

Leaf is not a mad sorcerer, he's a furious elf and Myhrad is a cute drageling. Leaf's hair makes him look more like a sorcorer and I like how he still has that magical staff, someone might make a wizard out of him yet.

Nebra Reppalk says:

It's not when you talk to yourself that there's a problem, iot's when you start answering back.

Tensk1234 says:

lol. It's hard to beat a pixy. My mom used to do something like leafs hair due to mine when I was a kid.

Adi Sagestar says:

I talk to myself.. and I answer back... I likes the new shading style. Pretty.

Ryaka says:

Love your new sheading technique, it makes the drawings more vivid ;-) keep up the good work!

Eraikei W. O. says:

I just wanted to point out how impressed I am by this comic. Not necessarily the one I'm commenting, but CtS in general. I looked back to the first few strips, then came back to this one, and I was absolutely shocked by the progress you two have made. Alien, it's amazing how much you've progressed as an artist.

bookbook says:

i talk to myself. and i answer back. its called book-writing.
"...and then the dragons turned into butterflies and ate myhrad!"
i don't want to know. i don't want to know. i don't want to know. i don't want to know. i don't want to know.

Awesome says:

Mith - I personally thought the shading technique used in the previous strip looked very very nice, but the ground shadows in this strip seem softer and more realistic. Use whatever works to your advantage.

Pulsy says:

About the shades: as i said i loved the curly end of the table cloths in the tavern, but i must say the tower shadow, the humans shadows and especially the horse's are amazing!

Rhianthala says:

The shading is great. I think that woman thinks ayne is crazy

Sonicbunny says:

I love Leaf's new hair. :)


Who are you going to believe, me or your lying ears?

X-Kal says:

Thinking about it, yes, it does seem to make the daytime scenes look better.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

I don't want to know either.......
And yeah, Mith, the shading is purty

Chariset says:

I dig Leaf's new hair-turban. And Ayne should be used to people looking at her apprehensively by now

mystic moose says:

lovely shading~
somehow leaf's new hair makes him look slightly more male, or so it seems to me...

CryptoGirl says:

it's amazing how much more detail there is in the backgrounds now, compared to some of the earlier strips. i like it.

Fiorre says:

"It's your word against mine. Who do you think I'm going to believe?"

haha XD

Vendaval says:

Nice use of perspective on the bridge.

Coyoty says:

So that is what is happening with allof those people I see on the street. They are talking with Pixies.

Arya says:

I would feel ticked if I was talking to pixies other people couldn't see. And Leaf and Anye changed the hairstyles. I think Leaf looks better with his hair down, but that's just my opinion.
Thanks for the new comic.
Update from Germany: My family & I now have a house. All we need to do now is put up the pictures and mirrors on the walls.

Silverwolf says:

Well, humans can't see fey easily, but they can hear them. I think Feiht did that down by the docks.
Nope. Not easy to beat a pixie. I've done it before, but it is NOT easy.

JuneBug says:

Leafs hair looks like a hat in the last panel.

hailstorm says:

HE HAS HAT HAIR!!!!!!!!!

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