Very High Five
Chasing the Sunset
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MadMann135 says:

that's a high five for the record books, sent Feiht into the wall. 10 for style, 9 for outcome and an 11 for impact giving the total a perfect 10... Insomnia at work folks

crayon says:

I think thats a very good argument Feint made! Believe I shall use it for myself >:)

Painted Cello says:

I somehow don't think Leaf would have got the same reaction. Leaf wasn't trying to steal anything, and Leaf isn't a pixie. Maybe things would have trasnpired similarly had the Titan found out exactly who brought the pixie...

Alric says:

How far down would Feiht have gone if she'd been low fived...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Interesting. Most of the time I can't even agree with myself. It's such a pain sometimes, being split-brained.

Kaiou says:

I love feiht's logic. I like the fact that he was giving her a high five rather than trying to get rid of her. ANd why doesn't sohac care about the treasure?

Sitara says:

Maybe Rhyme has him distracted in her bag or something? Love the high five, though...I don't think from his face he was going for just a high five. It was probably the perfect excuse to escape with his treasure without an angry pixie out for revenge.

Umma Ned says:

The outcome was Feiht being thrown against a wall. That's worth a 12, at least.

But impact is only a 8, because it was not strong enough to create a Feiht-shaped hole in the wall, like in an old cartoon.

CryptoGirl says:

how did she end up on leaf's side of the wall?

Khyrhon says:

If you look in panel two, Feiht's flight path carried her over the closer wall, causing her to slam into the back wall instead.

Squirt says:

Very, very, very nice Mith and Alien, although I gotta question. Is Sohac male or female?

TiSha says:

lol. feiht, i love you XD

lylia123 says:

Sohac is a boy I think... I'm pretty sure Feiht calls him "he".

JonMW says:

"I agreed all that"?

Wanderer says:

Poor grammar, but a perfectly normal way of saying it.

bookbook says:

leaf and co. really do get distracted from their quest easily, don't they?

Squirt says:

Yep, they do. Thanks for clearing that up lylia123.

Chariset says:

Was Leaf going to ask the giant about his father?

MadMann135 says:

We do have to take into account that Feiht is light, the wall is thick and the giant's aim. Though in my book that's still in the 10 area.

With a low five Feiht would have probably gone far enough for her to loose interest in being shot and transport back to bother Leaf and his gang.

Adesva says:

How are you?

Dark Dragon says:

Methinks that anyone who shoots Feiht into a wall can't be all bad... WHHEEEEEEE! I have the attention span of a blueberry scone!!!

Squirt says:

Comic 232 , please look at my comment.

Squirt says:

Those of you who want a myrad plushie, would you pay for a homemade one?

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Awwww no paper?

Eeeeeek! Six days until a new comic!!! My almost nonexistent life will have nothing to revolve around!!!

bookbook says:

i have less than a life than you.
well, that's probably not true, i have friends and a life...

Nebra Reppalk says:

So how did everyone's Free Hug Day go?

Dark Dragon says:

Free...Hug...Day...?!? *SHRIEEEK*

Dark Dragon says:

Does anyone else think that "Free Hug Day" is a tad scary and means that we should all hide in the closet listening to the most depressing music out there?

Painted Cello says:

I hugged a tree, then another tree, and I hugged my family, and hugged the cat, and I hugged my 'cello. The one problem with living out in the middle of nowhere is that it's the middle of /nowhere/.

lylia123 says:

I'd imagine that would be somewhat of a problem...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, I went around campus with 'Free Hugs' signs taped to me. Campus police only visited me once.

I know, I know, everyone's surprised the dwarf is going around giving people hugs. Just don't have a stroke.

Chariset says:

Really? That's cheap for 100000 форумов. I usually have to pay at least $4 per форумов

Dark Dragon says:

Nebra Reppalk...what the heck have you been drinking??? the only time this cynical little badger/dragon/omnipetent being gives free hugs is if a) I want something or b)I drank to much energy buuuuullll *drools* *swears because drool has short circuited computer*

Nebra Reppalk says:

I don't know, I just felt this overwhelming urge to remind people that someone cares in this world. And I know for a fact I made two days a little better.

Isn't idealism a good enough reason?

ick says:

36th comment!

Squirt says:

Would ANYONE pay for a sewn myrahd plushie?????????????????????

Dark Dragon says:

no. If it is hand made, it is easier to make it yourself. Nebra: Whatever...go and be idealistic and happy...I'll just sit here in my corner and be cynical and sad. (jk, lol)

Painted Cello says:

This world needs more positivity in it, so I say the more hugs the better. Go hug a tree! *Hugs a tree, well a shrub in a flower-pot because Painted Cello is at the computer at the moment*

Dark Dragon says:

*Hugs cactus* *swears and goes of in search of tweezers to remove spines* How 'bout giving people free blueberry scones instead?

Dark Dragon says:

Has anyone else seen the spider pictures???? CREEPY!

*Skittles* says:

They are really gross yet really really interesting at the same time...

*Skittles* says:

I actually recoiled in shock when I saw them.

bookbook says:

*hugs notebook*
*hugs computer*
*hugs annoying brother*
BROTHER:*swears* What are you doing? *flips me off*
ME:*hugs brother again*

dragonqueencr says:

leaf's ear is a bit pale in the first panel...

Painted Cello says:

Ooo! Scones are good... And hugging cacti is probably not a good idea.

Dragons Ecko says:

I believe that would just be the lighting, dragonqueen. The light sorce is coming from behind/above them so it's just making it look a little paler than normal.

Silverwolf says:

And THAT is one of the ways to deal with a pixie. Um...that is assuming you either have titan strength or hand-to-hand combat skills. Ayne's clearly got the latter.

JuneBug says:

"Life tip: Never ever ask a giant for a high five!"
lol XP
I'll remember that, thanks.

TheNextTaggerung says:

spider pictures?

hailstorm says:

i use that argument all the time

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