New Rule
Chasing the Sunset
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Awesome says:

Ayne does not look like a kid in the third panel. :P BTW, first panel has a grammar error - needs a space between 'that' and 'this.'

Lee says:

Since when did Feiht ever bother with rules anyway?

dragonqueencr says:

second comment. Why does Rhyme look like a fish in the last panel?

dragonqueencr says:

third sry

morg-fire says:

wow earliest comment i have ever done lol
haha i bet ryme is his father lol

Pulsy says:

Sizist? Must be like racist for sizes in staid of races, but is that even a word? Probably one of Feihts instant inventions :D

Nebra Reppalk says:

It certainly is irritating when you're a hero, trying to do your job, and someone wants to eat you. I do not like being on the menu.

bookbook says:

always with you...
in your heart, too?
this means that leaf's father is always with him, as well as in his heart! cool!

Majestyca Flamerider says:

ummm... Rhyme is a girl, and cannot be Leafs dad.

*Skittles* says:

Squishy. That just about sums it up.

Chariset says:

Hmm.. *eyes Myhrad suspiciously*

Skreyola says:

Yeah, I noticed the too, too.
His father is with him another way? Interesting. Very ionteresting.

Dark Dragon says:

Before you guy's say that Myrhad is Leaf's father in disguise, may I point out that (awhile back) when Leaf + Co. are trying to cross Amazon territory, Feiht says something along the lines of "'sall good, we're all girls here" and Myhrad says "I might not be" ....figure this out yourself people. Also: Being et hurts.(ate? eaten?)

CryptoGirl says:

what about the furies?

Lachriel says:

Too? Hm... I smell a clue.

Mystical Moose says:

...Rhyme is implying that Leafs dad is w/him, but he's traveling w/ all girls, except maybe myrhad... the furies were girls too, as is rhyme....

Dark Dragon says:

hmm...Maybe his father is a ghost that has been following them around!!! Hey Mithandir! Any hints here?????

PurplePixieMinion says:

Hmmm, interesting. Very interesting... he he he Leaf being Leafs dad suddenly sprang to mind, but that wouldn't work out so i'll be quiet now... =D

Jynx says:

Sorry to bring Harry Potter into this for any Harry Potter haters out there, but couldn't Rhyme's statement be taken as they are in Harry Potter? Leaf's father is not actually with him, just as Harry's wasn't; Leaf could hold his father's personality/judgement in some way, and that's how Leaf's father is always with him. Just a thought.

Magister says:

Just a thought are we absolutely sure that all the furies are female? They were created in the same flood in which Leaf’s father was lost and are always with him.

Irish Drinker says:

Actually the Furries were created after the flood, when a mob went and killed the wizard. So, while its possible that Leafs fatehr turned into one of the furries, it is unlikly and also would not make a whole load of sense.

lylia123 says:

this hurts my brain.........

Painted Cello says:

*Plays soothing melodies very quietly to relax all the confused people*

Kaiou says:

I am pretty sure all the furies are female. Are we all sure Rhyme is female?

mystic moose says:

the cast page and all the characters refer to Rhyme as "her"...

Lise says:

Well, Rhyme's a girl for sure (Leaf's dad was blond anyway), and Myhrad breathed fire so methinks he's just what we always thought he was. We probably can't understand Rhyme's "too" yet... at least, maybe not.

Pulsy says:

Could be a sizist solution: on a cosmic scale, leafs dad is with him in the same dimension, on the same planet even.

Silverwolf says:

Again...Leaf's more likely to talk to things three times his size and survive. If need be, he's a walking tactical nuke.
Leaf: "You mean in my heart?"
Rhyme: "Ah yes, how true, always there too, but what I mean, is he may be in your spleen."

Wawuty Gibit says:

in his spleen... LOL

-Norbert- says:

Maybe it's something as simle as in his memories?
Or the physical features he inherited from his father, or that he looks almost the same (apart form being younger)....

And I don't think the furies even have gender. They are after all more or less the combined anger of the mob. So they most probably have both female and male "elements".
Besides, they don't have a physical body, so why would they even need a gender?

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