Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Ummm... It seems to be void...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh dear, it appears my 'namesake' is going to have quite a few problems on his hands relatively soon.

Of course, I guess I should have assumed that when a pixie, a dragon, a Furies-possessed elf, and an Amazon with a short temper walked through the main gate. And now they have a mountain troll. It's almost like a joke gone wrong.

Odo says:

Yay! Wonderful post as usual. Not expecting Geb. Somehow Feiht going "Whee" at being contained is perfect.

Osk says:

im wondering how they contain a magic pixie. since a pixie can do anything (s)he believes (s)he can, somehow they convinced feith that she couldnt escape AND manage to keep her concentrated on that thought... those dwarfs are amazing

ShadowDancer says:

They probably gave her something shiny. I know that would keep me occupied.

Wanderer says:

You know... those bars are too wide to hold Leaf. He could totally slip thorugh them. Not that he could get anywhere, but still it seems like a poor design.

Aebliss says:

Wha --? o_o Why is Geb in there? What did he do?

Zela says:

Hugs for Alien!
Is Myhrad upside down in the second frame?

Dark Dragon says:

he was probably sleeping. my guess is Geb allowed himself to be captured.
...is the site acting weird for anyone else?

Dark Dragon says:

nevermind, it's my computer...*covers face with hands* sorry...

Chariset says:

Yeah, I was thinking that it looks like Leaf could slip between the bars, unless they're enchanted somehow.

Erythnul says:

Nice comic ;) loved every page of it til now... But anyway, your head is usually one of the thickest parts of your body, seeing as you can twist yourself sideways... so he could slip out based on the bars in frame 6.. not that it matters ;)

Vulpis says:

People have asked why Geb is in there...I've got a better one. *How* is he in there? Reminds me of the classic AD&D gag of the Ancient Huge Red Dragon in the 10x10 room...

Morg says:

um... i'm having trouble remmembering geb (i know, i know... sorry) could someone post a page number so i can figure out who he is again?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Just look at the question mark to the right of the comment board and a character sheet will pop up. Click on Geb and it'll tell you everything you need to know.

lylia123 says:

Look! Leaf has pants! Did he before and I just didn't notice?

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

how did they fit geb in just one cell?
maye they knocked down the wall between two cells...
how did geb go from a guard at the gates of an elven city to imprisoned in a cell?
maybe he's the ambassador for the elven city and the dwarves took offense.

InBetween says:

I was wondering about that one to...

Sitara says:

Something Shiny in Feiht's cell would certainly explain the Wheee!
And Geb would explain why they're still working on defeating the trolls (not that they need to).

Dark Dragon says:

Vulpis: It's just a simple matter of matter transference...The rather angry and dragony parts are still there, put all the other stuff exists in a storage locker somewhere in limbo... :)

whosoever says:

look at the poor mouse in frame two. is he being chased by that rat?

Faticia says:

I feel sorry for those dwarves. Things are going to get really crazy sometime soon.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Just write it up with the ultimate excuse: A wizard did it.

Aerinelf says:

Aww..Leaf is so cute! His head looks kinda weird in that last panel, though. I love the little mice running around on the floor.

Jynx says:

Another thing on Geb...How do you think they keep him in that cell? He should be strong enough to break the door down, I would think. Maybe the dwarves have magic prisons or something, because security doesn't seem to great.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, Geb is more congenial by nature, and less likely to resort to physical force...well, if my analysis is correct. Plus, one must remember that the primary areas of dwarven expertise are metallurgy and stone masonry. Therefore, it is possible that the cell is much stronger than we could originally calculate.

Jeremiah says:

Also consider that, even if Geb breaks the door, he still has to walk through long and narrow corridors. If he breaks the wall, it wouldn't surprise me if all the structure caves in. They're in the basement and even if the dwarves are good builders, they aren't good enought to maintain a building when the foundations are missing.

Alex says:

Oh good, that wasnt just me... I think they may be enchanted, but not necessarily. It could be that Geb's being a pacifist, Leaf's being mopey, and Feiht's sufficiently distracted... no, wait, I take that back. They must be enchanted. Feihts been in there for more than 30 seconds.

Dark Dragon says:

or very,very,shiny...
the other thing is, how do dwarves treat their prisoners? (when they're not busy with a mad elf) If Geb is well treated, and protected from angry villagers and such, especially if he is well fed, he could just want to stay there...

Nebra Reppalk says:

True, but given the fact that he appears quite cramped inside that cell, I would worry about muscle atrophy. You have to have room to move around.

And I don't know if one wall in the prison block will necessarily cause a collapse of the whole structure. When possible cave-in is one of your chief dangers, I think you wouldn't rest the entire foundation on a few walls.

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

here's a thought: maybe it was leaf's staff that set off the alarm, not Leaf himself. no one knows where feiht could have gotten that thing.

Adi Sagestar says:

No, I think furies would definitely count as evil magic. Anything that possesses people makes them blow things up usually does.

- Adi


lylia123 says:

Maybe the dwarves had special cells for trolls and didn't have to make one when they possibly caught Geb.

Osk says:

if they didnt, i gues they didnt only have knock down a wall, but also a ceiling and then ask him politely if he'd stay there. or maybe these are the quarters belonging to the troll embassy

InBetween says:

Nah, the troll embassy is outside the walls remember? Where they keep all those nice livesice statues...

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

Adi: well, leaf's furies only blow up things that want to cause harm, like the men who wanted to smash the amazon eggs.


What's behind Leaf in the sixth panel? I can't tell, it looks like either a dog, or a sack of something!

lylia123 says:

I think that's his pack.

Chariset says:

You have to admire the ingenuity of anyone who can keep Feiht locked up.

Neko (formerly *blank*) says:

Yeah, it's probably his pack. And couldn't Leaf figure out a way to make his furies come out and break the bars? I mean, it's common sense! If you have furies in you, and your locked in a jail cell, USE THEM TO GET OUT!!! And I'm going with Sitara, I think that something is occupying(sp?)Feiht. Like something shiny...It would occupy me!

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