Little bitty kitty wants to bite bite bite
Chasing the Sunset
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X-Kal says:

Is it just me, or wasn't Sohac captured awhile ago? Maybe not...

Alex says:

Sohac almost was, but Feiht pushed him (her?) out of the way, and was captured instead.

Also, this should be good. =P

jimothi says:

is the tiger chasing the guards in the background Sohac's 'kitty'?

DMFox says:

Most likely.

Osk says:

almost certain

Proto says:

Comic title suggests that the t/ger is 'kitty'.

E.T. says:

me want a little bitty kitty! what is a scale?

Elystriana says:

Now what'd I forget...oh right scale. Lol, so funny.

And scale is size of a model related to the actual thing (ex. If you were making a model of a dinosaur so that one inch on the model represented one foot on the dinosaur, that would be a scale of 12:1)

Skreyola says:

I love the lack of scale. :)
Yes, I think the tiger is Sohac's kitty.
Elystriana: Close, but reversed. It would be 1:12 scale.

Skreyola says:

Where'd Ayne get a sword?

Skreyola says:

Oh, NM. She changed clothes, so she must've returned to her rooms.

Osk says:

yeah, 1 is actualy 12, or 1:12 (1/12th of the size)

after all, the trapdoor would be right for a pixie if that pixie momentarily forgot it could fly over it but then what would the function of a trapdoor be so the pixie would still fall through because that is what you do when you find a trapdoor

i like long sentences

E.T. says:

what did sohac put on the floor? ,.^__\ / / /

Shani says:

I really like how Ayne's hair is done in the 6th panel. And the kitty chase in the back, pretty funny.

Sitara says:

Ayne voluntarily picking up a pixie? That's scary.

Eraikei W.O. says:

E.T. - Sohac put a trapdoor on the floor. It's a pixie thing; you draw it, it becomes real. It goes hand in hand with the "A pixie can do whatever it sets its mind to" thing a while back.

tensko1234 says:

The Cover page is making more and more sense.

Jynx says:

I like Ayne's hair down better than up. And Ayne would willingly pick up a Pixie, if only to strangle him/her. Hey...if pixies can do whatever they think they can, than if Ayne frightened Feiht into thinking she could die, than would she? or would the very nature of pixies doing whatever they think they can do guarantee Feiht coming back to life? (is that even possible?)

Nebra Reppalk says:

*sigh* I'm afraid the situation is rapidly going downhill from here.

Is it bad that I already assumed Sohac just pulled the Tiger out of the Void or somewhere?

Elystriana says:

I didn't notice sohac was drawing the trapdoor with a crayon. Love Ayne's expression in panel six.

Skreyola: sorry about that, I always get that mixed up ;/

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

Ayne looks pretty in Panel 6! She should wear her hair down more often.
And the tiger's stripes look like Ayne's stripes. Does that mean something?
Naaah. Only the usual.

a.j.t. says:

Your kitty is behind You sohac!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Dragon says:

if that's a kitty then I'm afraid to find out what the cat that I have is....demon maybe.....
Ayne looks like she has a plan, and an evil one at that! ^_^ yay evil plans!

Neko says:

Awesome! Can't wait to see what the "little bitty kitty" does!!! Yay! ^_^

Nebra Reppalk says:

I don't think it's an evil plan. It's just and less diplomatic.

Aerinelf says:

*grins* I think I'm going to like Sohac's kitty. *eyes tiger in the background*

Oh, and speaking of liking things, Ayne looks great in panel 6. Clenched fist, expression...everything.

ShadowDancer says:

I think the whole point of Ayne grabbing Sohac is so that he can help her with whatever plan she has. Pixies have a tendency to be chaotic and chaos would be a great way to distract the dwarves long enough to free Leaf and the others.

Madmann135 says:

Ayne is probably the most dangerous charactor in this comic. I hate to see what she did to the guard who was keeping her weapons.
Actually Shadow I think Ayne is trying to think like Leaf... Pixi magic may be chaotiic but if you know how they act it's a predictable chaos.

Neko says:

The title of this comic is "Little bitty kitty wants to bite bite bite" Isn't that sorta like the "Mean Kitty" Song? With Sparta?

Jynx says:

...Nani? Mean kitties and Sparta?!?

Mithandir says:

Well spotted, Neko. That's indeed the source.

Dark Dragon says:

I think Ayne is going to begin the "aggressive negotiation"

This has probably been established already, but can pixie magic be used to negate the prison gates that Leaf and co. are in?

La pirata says:

Where does the trapdoor go?
The Void maybe?

long time reader, first time poster. ^^

Nebra Reppalk says:

You'd be surprised how effective aggressive negotiations are at times.

Neko says:

Yay! I'm right!

Majestyca says:

neko, I spotted that "Mean Kitty" thing too! yay!
Sohac is writing "2" backwards!love the crayon/marker behind his ear.
Thanks Mithrandir and Alien!

Elystriana says:

Isn't that a 3 upsidedown and backwards? I want a tiger/kitty- funfun!

Dark Dragon says:

fennypeters: nobody cares.

Aileri says:



gogrameth says:

testing comments,,,

gogrameth says:

it workz! Whatevs. Do u guz like other webcomics as well?

hkmaly says:

Majestyca: While it looks like 2 backwards, I suppose it should be zero.

Bahamut says:

Actually, it makes more sense that it's a reversed 2. Sohac's writing down the scale, so it would be more effective if it was 12 times as big than 10 times.

Noremac Ratsiw says:

Poor king.

Noremac Ratsiw says:

And dwarves

Chariset says:

Ayne's on the warpath! Everybody hide!!

Neko says:

Dark Dragon, no one named "fennypeters" has posted!!! So Dark Dragon, no one cares!!!

Narian Goldword (formerly bookbook) says:

Neko: someone called "Fennypeters" probably posted, but Mith or Alien removed them for whatever reason.

Alex says:

I thought the scale was just a zero....or a heart...but probably a number, even if it is a pixie holding the crayon. And, I think pixie magic could just teleport them out, if nothing else.

Neko says:


Osk says:

i think ayne grabs sohac bacause having a pixie on the loose is not a good thing in any situation

Dark Dragon says:

Neko: fennypeters put in something about Dish and Comcast....and I over-reacted. It bugs me that people would use this site to advertise where did Sohac get the kitty cat anyway...? (I'd like one too!)

Dark Dragon says:

also, thank you Narian

Majestyca says:

It COULD be a zero, but Sohac is still writing it, and it would be a crooked zero, but a straight backwards 2.

Whoa, if you look at Ayne's profile pic, her skin is ridiculously blue looking in the stip. but its so gradual... Very smooth, Mith!
By the way, what happened to Ayne's bow? Actually, How do you pronounce her first name? Ay-nee, Ay-nay, Ay-nuh, Ay-neh? or somehow else entirely? >.

Kaiou says:

Pixie Magic can't get Leaf and the others out as the troll/God pointed out earlier. Feiht doesn't know she is trap she just doesn't want to leave.

Chariset says:

Majestyca: I've often wondered the same thing. I think it's probably Aye-nah, but sometimes I think of it as 'ann-yah'

Even her hair looks blue in this strip.

InBetween says:

I think she´s joust picking up ammo and weapons for her wart with the dwarfs.

wounder if pixies counts as weapons of mass destruction...

... says:

The right margin link here goes to the movie, not page 472. I only realized I had skipped a page when I read a comment abut a scream on page 473...

Cpixie says:

Sohac found the magic purple crayon! But has B.S Johnson's sense of scale when it comes to drawing things. Yay, a Kitty!

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