The great one escapes
Chasing the Sunset
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Neko says:


Neko says:

...its blank...???

Neko says:

Hey, at least I got the first 3 posts... but still...why is it blank?!?

Neko says:

Psh, I"m going to bed. Its 4 min till midnight. Luckily its summer! But still, g'night people! *waves* I'll check tomorrow and see if the new one is up! 'night!

Woulv says:

well i have all the time in the im gona wait till it comes up (my exams just finished^^ and i have nothig better to do, lol.)

Woulv says:

yay its up^^

Protector of Water says:

Myhrad is sooo cute ^^

Gunnar says:

This can only end well...

Pulsy says:

woah lightning and sparkles! That should keep Feiht interested for ... about 4.8 seconds?

Elystriana says:

Aww, poor Leaf doesn't get to be blindfolded and led around in circles. Lol

Majestyca says:

How will he ever cope?
NO! Feiht! That energy is NOT shiny!!! er, is she stuck between tha bars and thus in an antimagic field?

Unigirl says:

Sparklies should last for at least 5 seconds... They're shiny!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh dear...I think she's destroying the anti-magic field.

thursday says:

i'm not sure if feiht even has an attention span of 4.8 seconds...

Chariset says:

Be fair, Myrhad! Pretty much everything you've come across has tried to eat you. It's not right to single Geb out.

Narian Goldword says:

1.Take the dwarven lands. This includes all the gold, lights, metals, jewels, armor, and chocolate that dwarves love.
2.Take a pixie.
3.Free the pixie.

lylia123 says:

I love the way Myhrad looks in the fifth panel. And the swirl in panels 1, 2, 4 and 5 is really cool.

Narian Goldword says:

Oh! I just remembered
I promised I would
Only speak in short poems
In honor of Rhyme. (I should.)

Nebra Reppalk says:

No, the plan is supposed to go:
1. Steal valuables
2. Release Pixie
3. ?????
4. Profit

Neko says:

Yay its up! And for the first time I got the first post!!! Yay! Lulz, so funny!

Neko says:

What's up with Myrhad's face in the 5th panel? It looks like an orange hyena's face! Or like Red 13's face from Final Fantasy!

hkmaly says:

Neko: What's up ... he have opened mounth.

about Feiht: it seems like the anti-magic field is short-circuiting itself ...

Unigirl says:

Yay! Short-circuit!

Chariset says:

I forgot about Rhyme@ I hope they meet up with her before some dwarf accuses her of aiding and abeting. It's hard to rhyme 'innocent,' 'no lo contendere' and 'acquittal'

Neko says:

hkmaly: that I look at it that way it does look like he has his mouth open. But it still does kinda look like Red 13's face in a Myrhad outfit...


why doesnt feiht go through the floor?

Narian Goldword says:

You're right, you're all right.
It's hard to make legal terms rhyme.
So let's make a list
Of things we can use sometimes:
Bin o' Sense
Din o' Cents
Fin o' Sense
Gin o' Cents
Pin o' Sense
Sin o' Cents
Tin o' Sense
Win o' Cents

Dark Dragon says:

luminocence, if you have creative spelling like I do. How did you do the lightning in the last panel? It's really really cool!!!

Midge says:

Absolutely love the last panel. The lightning effect is phenomenal!

Neko says:

Seeing the lightening in the cage, that's just genius! So phenomenal!

Neko says:

I also love how in the 1st panel, the dwarf next to Gebs hand looks so tiny compared to it! And, that's just the HAND! Geb is SO big!

E.T. says:

Is it just me or did leafs staff change in panel #3?

Narian Goldword says:

Thin of Sence
Shin of Cents
Chin of Sense

Chariset says:

Your Honor I did not commit
The evil deed for which I'm 'ccused.
I think you'll find you must acquit.
Before this pixie ....eats your shoes?

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:


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