They did it their way
Chasing the Sunset
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kickme says:

Never deny an invading army in your throne room...

Pulsy says:

Gotta love how Geb takes care of an attacking dwarf :D In the first panel i was wondering why a dwarf helmet would have a spike like that, but panel 4 pretty much cleared it up.

silver_death says:

wow.... who was the one white haired elf that met up with the bard i wonder?

Adeon says:

Hehe... love the LoTR reference

nikita432 says:

The Good resource. Much what interesting for itself has found.


Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh dear...the situation has rapidly gotten out of hand already.

Osk says:

i dont see feith anywhere at the moment, no telling what she is up to

Kya says:

does anyone else think the king dwarf looks like he is dressed in a santa clause suit?

Chariset says:

I wish I were half as direct as Ayne. If I didn't hesitate to pull a sword on someone who really deserved it, I think I'd manage to get a lot more done.

And the white-haired dwarf is Jael, a historian.

Chariset says:

Elf, not dwarf. *mutter*

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Leaf humbly requests an audience...
while the doors fall down, dwarf fights dwarf, and Ayne threatens him with a sword.

Skreyola says:

Great strip. Love the LoTR allusion. Love the *flick* Geb gives the dwarf. Yeah, no. Don't be haughty with invaders. Always take them seriously.

The Last Melon says:

I hate to be nitpicky here, but is "infraction" quite the word you're looking for?

Prestedigitation says:

Very nice Lord of the Rings reference. And I must say, Ayne look incredibly kick ass in the last panel. Love the headband.

Chariset says:

"Infraction" n. Usually means a breaking of the rules or the regular procedure. I don't see why it shouldn't apply here, since people don't usually barge in to see the king without an audience. 'Intrusion' would work but not 'infarction' (heart attack)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Actually...there's something that needs a bit of explaining. Ayne is asking for the king's abdication. So, if King Nebra III (I think that's his name, right?) is no longer in charge, who does Ayne suggest be in charge? And don't just reply "herself" because quite honestly even if Ayne set herself up as queen or what have you, I think she would get frustrated with it quite quickly.

Chariset says:

Presumably the Dwizarfs have someone in mind. Someone more Dwizarf-friendly

Kuyselle Goldword says:

If I were a Dwizarf trying to set up a new government, I would install a democracy.
Oooo! The Dwizarfs can be like the colonists in the American Revolution! Yay!

Jynx says:

Please, please, I beg you all, let's not bring American History into this. Me, being the person who took the university class on American History while 15 years old, would undoubtedly go mad and start twitching whenever someone mentioned dwizorfs. lol.

SecondTomothy says:

I'm with you. I just started Hi!School, and am bored out of my pitiful excuse for a mind while having my cake, and, naturally, eating it also. It makes a lot of sense, actually. If you have a cake, wouldn't you have a compulsive desire to eat it, also?

... says:

Just look how humble they are.

w00dy says:


they have a cave troll.

Elvende says:

Nice reference :P

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