They're Not Alone
Chasing the Sunset
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Aebliss says:

That's ... isn't that the same fey that created the Amazons? -_-;

Aebliss says:

Amazing! o_o I've been reading this webcomic for years now, and this is the first time I ever got first post. *cough* Back to the discussion, though.

tarse says:

Is ist just me or are Leafs eyes becoming red?

Vasasha says:

I could just see the clash of this one and the "other beings" within leaf, ... wouldnt that create a big purple mess?

Vasasha says:

And as for the eyes I noticed that too, hence my earlier comment lol but who knows, im not the writer so i dont know whats going to happen next. But i could think of how id do it lol, leafs fury friends come out, to take on this blue menace, PURPLE everywhere as colors mix (like paint) red beats blue, the foozballtable is cleared and the dwarves think leaf is hero and let them pass! Of course... uh.... im not the writer, and my up and coming contact doesnt involve elves and dwarves so yeeeah... and plus i dont thing there is such thing as a fooz ball table in this land... but im sure feiht would be the one to make it appear... -_-;

Odo says:

Yes! I called it correctly. Now, what can Feiht do to counteract this? Really, really nice artwork, Alien!

rei says:

lmao, i like the first panel, the queen smacking a rebel dwarf upside the head

Katkinkate says:

And Ayne's looking more blue. She's going to be a true Amazon soon.

Lee says:

"Have you finally gone more mad?"

I love the dialogue in this strip!

Baldric says:

Interesting twist ! If it really is the fey who created the Amazons (and it certainly looks like it), it'll be interesting to see how Ayne reacts.

The expressions of Leaf and Ayne in the third panel is pretty funny !

Pom Rania says:

She is turning blue! OMG I had not noticed that!

Elystriana says:

Heh, I like that-
Suuure...I stand corrected.
It makes (kind of) sense that the fey who created the amazons would also want to do something like that with dwarves (making Dwizarfs?)
I wonder what Feiht will make of this new not-exactly pixie-but-pretty-close?

Someguy says:

If I recall correctly (and I do cause I backtracked to comic 233 to check) they turning blue "May come in time" - so... about time?

Also - yes, that looks alot like the Amazon fey (though it also looks kind of like Sohac all transformed.

blue says:

i hope theres a beat down soon...

TheNextTaggerung says:

yeep! leaf's eyes turning red! big purple mess upcoming!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Um...does anyone else think this seems just a little random? At all? Even in the slightest?

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Of course it's random! Random is what pixies ARE! And you've got to admit, you can't get more random than the Amazons.
I like purple! When I am evil overlord of the world, I will force everyone to dye their hair purple! YAY!

stormkite says:

Uh oh. If all that red and blue mix it up, the comic's going to wind up marooned......

(running away....)

Chariset says:

Is Ayne reaching over to feel Leaf's forehead in that third panel? That's FANTASTIC!

Even with the magical I-hover-upside-down Axe

hkmaly says:

While this looks like fey who created the Amazons (comic 199), remember that Ayne is seeing it first time - the amazon queen didn't have comics to ilustrate her story as we do.

Alex says:

Nebra- yes, it is a little, but this fey seems to have a thing for people who feel slighted. Besides, it was always insinuated that the fey that created the Amazons was going to turn out to be a creep.

Alex says:

This is the first time I've noticed the little counter until the next comic comes up. I have to say, that is AWESOME!
I'm not very attentive, sometimes. How long has that been there?

Mithandir says:

It's been there about 4 years now I think, but it was gone for a few weeks not too long ago.

Pulsy says:

Hehehe the queen in the first panel :D Anyone noticed the dwarf dropping his axe in panel 5 is holding it again in panel 6? That is kind of odd... The blue Fey thing is kind of odd too but in a different way :P I wonder if Leaf will get to use his waterballooned staff, or if this is going to get settled peacefully.

Osk says:

the "hover up side down axe" is on a chain. someone can surely tell you where it is explained by the king. basically it is damocles sword, but an axe and instead of a hair, a strong chain, for safety

MadMann135 says:

Looks like the ringleader has made an apearance... and the royal axe almost got used and bloodied.

Faticia says:

The blue fey looks similar to the Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke. Was that on purpose?

lylia123 says:

It seems to me like the queen knows more of what's going on then the king. Or maybe just better at dealing with it.

Halfcat says:

I think the queen is just handling it bettter. Nice art work by the way. Also I don't know why every one thinks if the fury's and this fey clash its going to be a mess of purple. If it is going to be purple it's going to be a dark purple.

ultrainventor says:

ha! Ayne is never right.

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