The Hall of Star
Chasing the Sunset
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Odo says:

Beautiful artwork. Great artifice must be present to bring the sunset underground.

Chariset says:

Dwarven planetarium?

InBetween says:

that is cool...
want one

Baldric says:

The art on this page is really beautiful !

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, dwarves need vitamin D too, you know.

(Sorry, that's the best I could come up with ^^;:)

Woulv says:

is it a real sunset or just a painted one... maby there is some magic so that they dont have to walk so far...

Protector says:

Wow. Beautiful drawn. You guys are the best. I love Chasing the Sunset. Hope Leaf finds his fahter.
Hi Woulv ^^

Riverting says:

Wow! So THAT'S who built Stone Hedge! lol.

-Norbert- says:

I guess it's just a very clever construction of mirrors, that makes the reflection of the sun keep up with the real one...

Elystriana says:

Wow, that looks so cool.

What do the doors say?

Chariset says:

Yeah, you people who read Dwarf. What do the doors say?

Fiorre says:

Yeah... Can I just say that this is a webcomic, not a personal advice column?

Wonderful strip, by the way.

TheNextTaggerung says:

THAT'S....a really interesting idea! Good think outside the litter box of used ideas (even though this comic IS one big TOtLBoUI)
Good think outside the oustide of the litter box of used ideas!

TheNextTaggerung says:

have I sufficiently confused everyone?

Amagica says:

The set up of these panels was IMMENSELY confusing. I mean... I wasn't sure if it was top to bottom then left to right or left to right then bottom row left to right.

Odwin says:

Too many runes obscured to be certain, but I think the right-hand door is a playbill that says "The Dwarvish Play" with a subtitle "Don't mention it". Should get a laugh out of Shakespeare fans!

The left door looks like Elder runes, instead of the Anglo-Saxon ones used for the English on the right. As best I can tell the top word is "song" and under it is "skili" or "scaeli" or similar, I'm not sure about the first vowel.

The door frame to the left doesn't say anything I can figure out. I thought maybe it was a rebus using the names of the letters, they're separated like each is distinct, but I haven't been able to make anything out of them. Feels like there's a joke there just out of my reach, but I might simply be misreading or it may be in a language I don't recognize.

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